Thursday, 25 February 2016

Stop your blonde from going brassy and see me go from black to blonde.


The amount of times I've left the hairdressers unhappy is sickening and I've learnt from my mistakes when it comes to being more direct and specific when asking for what I want. I now always show the hairdresser reference photos when it comes to the colour and the cut, with the undertone I like and any worries I have with the condition of my hair. I like mine to look ashy, almost a silvery white, without looking over processed. If you're going from dark brown or black to blonde, it's going to take time. You want it to take time. That way it's going to be easier on your hair, you'll be able to maintain some of the condition and have more control over how light you're going. The first time I got blonde highlights, they threw on 10%, put me under a heat light - for an hour and even then it barely lifted. After that I researched hairdressers, looking for their before/after photos to see what they could achieve. When you've had your hair bleached, you'll have a toner put on and this is when they'll take it from brassy to a beautiful creamy beige!
 Most importantly, if you find a good hairdressers, STICK WITH THEM. So important. They'll get to know your personal preferences and you'll build up a relationship so you'll become more open with vocalising what you want.


I use a Silver shampoo from the Loreal Professional Range and it's the best I've found for really making a difference to your hair. I use it one or twice a week, depending if my hair needs it - it's easier to maintain your colour then waiting until it's really brassy then trying to fix it. I start off by washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo, to remove any product, then applying the silver shampoo - go on with cleansing my face, shaving my legs, exfoliating and then wash it off. I don't stick with a time limit, but I would say 15-20 minutes works for me. After this your hair will be D-R-Y. I've been using the Natural Look Colour Art Mask which has coconut oil, chamomile and papaya extracts. It helps to detangle my hair, leaves it super soft and helps restore body. I always finish washing my hair with a burst of cold water to close the hair cuticles as this will help to promote shine.

  • Attempt to limit yourself with heat styling to special occasions. I know. It's hard, if you're struggling, try turning the temperature down on your styling tools, if it has the option. Always use a heat protectant spray and a leave in conditioner to help counteract the drying effect.
  • Scalp massage. This helps with regrowth by stimulating the scalp as it causes blood to rush to the area
  • Get a regular trim. There's no way to mend split ends - it's just not possible and if you leave them, they can travel up the hair shaft and it'll mean you'll end up with breakage all over. Getting a regular trim will get rid of any split ends and it'll make your hair look fuller. Hate a blunt cut? Ask your hairdresser to cut in the base line and then feather it so it doesn't look so blocky.
  •   Invest in good products. It's worth spending a little extra on products that have an ingredients list that will benefit your hair. You want products that will protect your colour and condition, but also nourish the hair. 
NOW TO BOMBARD YOU WITH PHOTOS, here's my hair timeline - showing you the gradual process of getting my hair from almost black to dark brown to blonde - through ombre, highlights, toners and then finally the colour I wanted all along.

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  1. I love your hair, you completely suit it too looks lush. :)


    1. Thank you lovely, what a compliment! :) x


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