Thursday, 19 July 2012

Muji - Lip Storage?!

Recently I've been on a MASSIVE cosmetics kick. A 'quick visit to town' for me can turn in to a good few hours carefully studying products in Superdrug, Boots and Debenhams until I finally surface, hands covered in swatches, laden with bags and down to my last few pounds. I do promise, a haul shall soon follow - but be warned it's excessive..
With all the extra products I've found that not even my 8 Tier Muji Drawers or Acrylic Lipstick Holder can hold all of my recent purchases so when I saw the Muji Pill Boxes on another blog, used as lipstick storage, I decided to get two for myself. These are a bargain at just £1.50 each, there are 12 partitions so each box holds a lot of product meaning you free up space by getting rid of all the extra packaging! I also love that I have so many options all together, ideal for getting ready at a friends house or going on holiday.
I'll admit I haven't been able to depot any of my high end lipsticks (why would I buy a YSL Rouge Volupte just to bin the packaging?!) I still leave them on show - I only do this to my lower priced products!
The thing that mystifies me most about this new storage is that I have the memory of a sieve when it comes to most things, yet I can remember most of the names of the Lipsticks in these boxes. Obsessed much?
Could you ever bring yourself to depot your lipsticks?