Tuesday, 20 December 2011

LOOK Beauty Lipstick 'Toffee Cup'

Price: £7.00
Shade: Toffee Cup, 4 other shades in the range.
Available: Superdrug

After finishing my Christmas shopping today I decided with my last ten pound note I'd have a little wander round Superdrug and treat myself. Any new stands immediately catch my attention so within minutes I was hovering by the LOOK Beauty counter, oohing and ahhing over new products. Torn between their lipsticks, nail varnishes and double ended lipstick/gloss I decided to play it safe and settle on a nude lipstick for £7 - not very adventurous I know!

'Toffee Cup' is quite peach/salmon toned, a bit like Mac Myth and applies very smoothly thanks to the creamy, soft texture. The pigmentation isn't as good as other nude lipsticks I've tried but the colour can be built up without looking like you have a lot of product on your lips. The finish is slightly glossy thanks to the moisturising formula, meaning it doesn't cling on to dry patches - which is never a good look.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase, all the products are reasonably priced and seem good quality, the only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the packaging. The design on the outer casing is nice enough but the shape makes it a bit awkward to hold and it does feel a bit flimsy, although the magnetic lid means it wont fly around in your purse! I definitely want to try a few other products from the range!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Batiste 'Wild'

Price: £2.99 for 200ml
Described as: 'Wild is for daring girls who are in touch with their animal instinct. A feisty Oriental fragrance with loads of personality, it's the perfect partner when you’re out on the prowl.'
Available from: Boots (in-store or online)

The newest addition to the Batiste line is their 'sassy and daring' Wild scent. Like the original formulas, this comes out white - so be careful those with dark hair. The packaging is adorable, I love leopard print so this makes a welcomed addition to the products on my shelf. The scent has notes of cocoa, vanilla and woody tones making it sweet and musky. I'm quite sensitive to fragrances, so for me it's quite a strong scent, I find it to linger and be more noticeable than other versions of Batiste - but not in a bad way. At just £2.99 this would make a great stocking filler or a little additional present!

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Recently Soap & Glory branched out into cosmetics and released a line of products, hoping to continue their success in a new area of the beauty industry. Curious, I dropped into Boots a few weeks ago to peruse their counter, which is very eye catching, and choose a few products to try out. I settled on the Smoulder Kohl SuperBlack pencil £5.00 (review to come), and the Kick Ass Concealer in Medium, priced at £10.00.
The cardboard packaging is very sweet and appealing and the actual product packaging isn't bad either, everything inside feels secure, the consumer is told what each product is for and it's compact.
This concealer has three steps to it.
Step 1 - Under eye brightening concealer. 2.96g
Step 1 is quite a neutral shade, with a slightly yellow undertone. The consistency is almost mousse like and much more creamy than I expected which made it easy to blend.
Step 2 - Superwear face concealer. 2.9g
Step 2 has a peach undertone and while still creamy, it's not as soft as step 1 making it easier to pat on to problem areas.
Step 3 - Concealer sealing powder. 2.5g
Step 3 is a white, finely milled translucent powder for setting the concealers, it also comes with a small powder puff for on the go application.

I really liked the idea of everything you need for concealing in one, compact product and if I'm on the go I'll definitely keep this popped into my handbag for touch ups. Other than that I probably wont get much use out of either of the concealers because although easy to blend, I didn't find they properly set so my mascara transferred underneath my eyes a lot. I also found that the under eye concealer moved about quite a bit, settled into fine lines - even with the powder, and looked really cakey. Ick!
Would I repuchase?
No, but I did find that the powder worked really well with the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer so I'll use it until that runs out.

Where can you find this? Boots