Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Budget Buy: Beauty UK Contour Palette.

Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette - £4.99
Fan of Kim Kardashians chiselled cheeks and bronzed complexion? Yeah, me too. Now I know a bit of careful 'paint by numbers' on my chubby cheeked face wont turn me in to the newest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but I'm still gonna try. I spotted this contour palette on Monday whilst perusing the isles of Superdrug - the 3 for 2 offer always sucks me in - and couldn't resist popping it in my basket. 
 This is an all in one, can't go wrong because there's clear instructions, kind of product. There's a deep ashy brown for contouring, a warm mid brown for bronzing and a pale cream shade for highlighting. There's no shimmer, it's just all about creating shape, emphasizing the features you want to bring forward and creating shadow. Interestingly enough this palette is a cream to powder formula, which means precise application and easy blending. If you're clueless on the whole highlight and contouring craze, it's easily explained on the back of the packaging which details which areas you want to contour, bronze and highlight.
All three shades are pigmented, creamy and easy to blend. I've found some cream contour products in the past difficult to buff in to the skin and they either sit unnaturally or blend away all my foundation. These just melt seamlessly in to your base. I do like to set this product with a powder, I'd recommend anyone with oily skin to do this and for that I use my other new love the Seventeen contour palette. I'll go in to more detail about this product in the future, but it's also a bargain! I tend to use my fingers to apply this, it helps to warm up the product and then blend it in with a Real Techniques expert face brush. I literally have no complaints and at £4.99, it's a steal!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Lip Loves || Mac Faux Lipstick and Soar Lip Pencil.

I wont lie, the main reason I purchased both of these products is purely because of Kylie Jenner. We've all been obsessed by her lips recently, whether it's because you love her 'your lips, but way better' shade, the shape and way she outlines her lips or you're just curious about whether she's had fillers or not. Regardless, you can't dispute that her pout hasn't caused a stir because her main loves 'Whirl' lip pencil and 'Velvet Teddy' lipstick, both from Mac, have been sold out everywhere for weeks. I couldn't find either shades, but I settled on what I found to be the closest match. So I introduce to you my two new favourite make up products, 'Soar' lip pencil and 'Faux' satin finish lipstick. I'm quite happy with the shape of my lips and size, so I just outline them as you would normally, however, if you wanted to add a little K Jenner plumpness, lightly overline your lips on the sides and bottom lip but keep the cupids bow as usual as it's the most defined part of your lip and it'll really show if you've gone overboard. The main reason for my latest love interest? The combination makes for a long lasting smudge free duo and the shade makes your lips stand out and look larger than they are. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Halloween Inspiration: Cute Deer/Bambi Look.

With Halloween soon approaching I decided to rack my brain for a few simple, quick looks that I could share with you all. The kind of looks you could easily achieve at home, with products you already own - ideal for those who have sudden last minute plans, or don't want to splash out extra cash on Halloween. So here's the first look, it's a cute, simple Bambi/Deer look you could pair with a simple black outfit, curls, or two buns either side of your hair and curled front pieces which is what I've opted for. I find using images to replicate incredibly helpful when applying make up, so if you're the same I hope these help!
What I used;
 As a base I applied the Artist of Makeup Flawless Coverage foundation in shade 30. I'm so happy with how this photographs, no nasty flashback and it makes your skin look flawless, hiding a multitude of sins. Oily skins? Definitely opt for a little powder. I used a light dusting of the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent. I concealed any circles with Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC15 which is a few shades too light for me but works as a wonderful highlight, I added this to the bridge of my nose and forehead. For contouring, the most important part of this look, I used Loreal Glam Bronze in 06 Golden Bronze and built up an obvious shading around the cheekbones, temples and hairline as well as down the sides of the nose. To emphasize the shape, I then took a matte brown eyeshadow and added it to the sides of the nose, joining to the start of the eyebrows and in the hollows of the cheeks. To finish the nose I outlined and lightly filled in the shape with a matte black eyeshadow and then added the Collection Glam Crystals Black Glitter for an extra little sparkle. For the eyes, I applied the same matte brown eyeshadow over the lid and in the crease, then applied an extended winged eyeliner with the Collection 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black. On the waterline I applied a NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, which I also applied underneath the eyes to create a wider eye, then outlined this with a black eyeliner pencil and feathered on lashes. Going back in with the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk I added a few little specks of white over the cheeks to contrast against the strong contour. I lightly filled in my eyebrows with the Loreal Brow Artist Plumper and applied Mac Fleshpot Lipstick and I was finished.
I hope this helps inspire some of you!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Let's talk Blake Lively..

  Blake Lively Lipstick, Loreal. £6.99

I've adored Blake Lively since Gossip Girl, Savages and especially after Cannes Film Festival, I've fallen in love with her style and classic beauty. Along with recently revealing she's going to be a mummy, she also teamed up with Loreal to release their latest beauty collection - red lipsticks. Available in the Pure Reds line is the Julianne, Eva, Liya and Blake - all with varying undertones and suitable for different skin tones. Blakes is a blue toned red that immediately caught my eye, it's bold, daring and very Old Hollywood. I was tempted by the other shades but couldn't resist swiping Blakes off the shelf and adding it to my basket.
The pigmentation of these lipsticks is incredible, one swipe and you have a completely opaque lip colour with a satin finish. With added Jojoba oil, these lipsticks are comfortable to wear and don't dehydrate the lips, although I always exfoliate prior to lipstick application. Yes, they transfer a little but they're really long lasting and comparable in quality to Mac lipsticks. At £6.99, I'll happily be going back to purchase the other three, especially as I'm a sucker for a red lip in Autumn/Winter.

Are you tempted?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My little slice of Heaven.

Recently I had a week off work and decided to put it to good use by rearranging my bedroom. I finally got rid of my hideous green 'feature wall' - awful idea, and turned everything bright white and more open plan. My bedroom is definitely lacking in space and on the small side but I try and make the best out of what I've got and keep things light and airy. I opted for large mirrors, sheer printed curtains, clean and bright walls, an open wardrobe and plenty of shelves to store all my well loved beauty products!
I wish I could show you everything but although my room looks a billion times better than it used to, it's not quite finished. I still have a few more bits to organise but I thought I'd show you my vanity/blogging area.
If you're working with a small space, on a low budget here are my top tips!
- use things you already own. you may have overlooked that old bedside table or worn wardrobe but sometimes a lick of paint can bring things back to life.
- have an idea in your head of what you want your room to look like, which colours you want to use and how much you're willing to spend.
- my favourite places to look for homeware are Next, H&M, The Range, TkMaxxx, Ebay and independant stores, charity shops can also hold some amazing treasures.
- mirrors instantly make rooms look bigger as they bounce light, I like to have a full length and a standard size mirror in my bedroom - think of the outfit selfies!
- artificial flowers brighten up your room and add a feminine touch without the mess and cost of having the real thing.
- candles, fairy lights and bedside lamps are great touches if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, I have fairy lights wound around my bed so at night I can switch my main light off, turn my fairy lights on and cosy up in a corner with my book or Netflix.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Confessing my love for Ardell Demi Wispies.

I'll admit, I don't wear false eyelashes often, purely because I only opt for the added touch of glamour on evenings out and I'm more of a, stay at home with a cup of tea watching Netflix kinda girl - please tell me I'm not the only one, I sometimes feel like it! On the rare wild night out though I always use the Ardell Demi Wispies. I love the added fullness and drama it provides along with the different looks you can achieve. I find the Ardell Demi Wispies add just the right amount of length and thickness unlike others I've tried that I felt looked unrealistic. They're £5.49 a set but they also provide you with a tube of adhesive which will last a few applications and I always re-use my lashes! I'll let the photos speak for themselves, I'm just in love with their wispy, feathered goodness.
Trim the lashes to fit your eyes, you want to look as though you natural have amazing eyelashes. I always use tweezers to apply lashes, it makes it so much easier to get close to your lash line without poking yourself in the eye. I also always opt for the Duo adhesive in 'clear' which makes sure those suckers wont move all night. I'm not sure if my next tip is recommended but I love to lightly apply mascara to blend in my real and false lashes and then go over the band with eyeliner again to make sure it's invisible!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Rimmel Brow This Way Gel. Dark Brown.

Rimmel Brow This Way Gel in Dark Brown - £3.99

I spotted this product recently on the Boots website and instantly added it to my basket. After the recent releases of the Benefit Gimme Brow and Anastasia Brow Pomades it seems that the trend is bigger, bulletproof eyebrows. For this, Cara Delivigne is definitely to thank as she brought back fuller, more prominent brows. I had high hopes for Rimmels offering and it didn't disappoint, so let me go in to more detail.

The Brow This Way gel comes in Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown, as well as offering a clear version for those that just want to set their hairs in place. Similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow, as you run the brush through your eyebrows it deposits colour which makes things look more defined and fuller. It doesn't add fibres but it has pretty much the same effect. If you wanted a really intense look you could always use this layered over a brow pencil, or brow powder. The applicator is a little bulky, which might be a down side for those who are heavy handed but it does speed up the process. This brow gel is great for days when you want a one step product and at £3.99, it's an amazing bargain. The formula is also on point, it's lightweight and sets the hairs without feeling crispy or uncomfortable. The finish is matte, which is the only way to go for brows, in my opinion, as it gives a far more natural look.
If you've been wanting to try Benefits Gimme Brow this is a brilliant alternative, I'd struggle to choose my favourite.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Brakini - Tilly Sunburst Triangl Dupe.

I'm sure everyone's spotted the Triangl bikinis that have recently exploded on to social media outlets. For the past few weeks - months even, I've not been able to scroll down my Twitter or Instagram feed without spotting them and being filled with envy. The bikinis are made from Neoprene, a thick material also used to make wetsuits and come in beautifully bold colours and prints. I had looked in to purchasing a bikini from the company but combined with shipping it was just under £60. For a quality item, this isn't badly priced but, living in the UK - opportunities to wear bikinis are limited so it was more than I wanted to spend. Therefore, you can imagine my happiness when I spotted Claudia from BeautyandtheChic had posted a dupe on Instagram and blogged about where she got it from.
I was instantly online, ordering one for myself. I will admit, having not used the website before - I was a little wary, hence why I ordered the exact same version as Claudia. Now I've used it once and considering how happy I am with my bikini, I'll soon be buying the black fishnet bandeau and pink bottoms (Molly Rosewolf) set. Alike the Triangl bikini sets, mine came in a bag and each item was wrapped separately - they're also made from the same material and are identical to Triangl - from what I've seen on photos. The brand logo is printed on the bag along with a tiny tag on the bikini top, but it's almost unnoticeable. 
I purchased the bikini from Ali Express, which I'll link below. You can buy the bikinis separately or as a pair which works out slightly cheaper. They have other styles available so it's worth browsing the site until you've found what you want. I decided to buy the top and bottoms separately as Claudia recommended, as I differ in sizes. On top, I'm definitely lacking in the breast department so I went for an XS - equivalent to a UK size 8, on bottom I went for a M which is a UK 8-10.

Top - link
Bottom - link
Set - link
For the top and bottoms, along with shipping was £27 which is over half price, not bad ey? My parcel arrived in 8 working days which I thought was pretty damn good considering it's sent from abroad. I'm so happy with my Brakini, from the fit, to the quality and colour and I'm so excited to order another! If you want to look at Claudias blog post which includes a little more information and a load of lovely photos I'll link it below!
Claudias blog post on Brakini - Triangl Dupe.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner and Remover.

Let me start off by quickly apologising or my absence. I've been finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to put together posts and maintain my blog whilst working full time as a chef and now Summer's hit I'm constantly tired. Working in a kitchen is pretty intense, however with the added heat (oh my, it gets pretty sweaty and I'm yet to find a foundation that can stick to my face for a full day) and the increased volume in trade means I'm rushed off my feet and when I do get two days off I'm spending them catching up on sleep and attempting to have some sort of social life. I do miss blogging though and I find it a fun release from reality so just bear with me a little longer and hopefully things will be back on track soon enough!

*Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner and Remover.

I was sent both of these products a few weeks ago to trial out and I've used them both on and off since. I'm sure you've all heard about both of these products as they had a huge build up before they were released and when they finally hit shelves they were all over blogs and Youtube channels. The Push Up Liner claims to be the first lash-hugging gel eyeliner that's compacted in to pen form, no need for a separate brush and worries that your cream liner will dry out, it offers a matte black finish and it's smudge proof. The They're Real Remover is supposed to be used along with the They're Real Liner and Mascara and offers a quick easy removal for those who struggle to get stubborn eye make up off and it's suitable for those with sensitive eyes.

The Push Up Liner retails for £18.50 and it contains 1.4g of product, in comparison Mac's Fluidline is £15.50 for 3g of product. In the long run if you're a repeat purchaser the Benefit liner will work out more expensive, if you purchased two of the Benefit eyeliners which would in total give you 3g of product, you could in theory purchase Mac's Fluidline - which contains double the product, along with a Mac angled brush and have £5 to spare. Regardless of the long term cost, is the product actually worth the extra money?

As expected with Benefit products, the packaging is on point, it's sleek and adds a luxurious feel to your make up bag. It works as a brush and gel eyeliner in one due to the applicator, it has a slanted rubber nib which has a small slit in which is where the product comes through. You have to twist the base to release the product but be careful to only use small amounts otherwise I find it to come off in one big blob. Application is easily mastered with a few attempts, especially if you're a regular user of eyeliner however it does take a little fiddling around and manipulating to get the product to move and sit where you want it to. The finish is a rich, matte black as promised, it looks very old school vintage which I absolutely love. I found the easiest style to create with this product is the classic winged liner, if you're after a subtle, thin line - I wouldn't bother unless you're incredibly patient. I did find this occasionally transferred on to my lids, which are oily but it's quite bizarre, sometimes it stays put, sometimes it wants to stray - perhaps it's dependant on how much product you put on? I feel like this product has the potential to blow our beauty obsessed minds but the formula's not quite there. To remove, the They're Real Remover (RRP. £14.50) does as promised, it makes easy work of removing both the liner and mascara. It's gentle on your eyes but strips away product with ease and has a nice creamy formula.

I did enjoy using both products, however I wouldn't purchase the They're Real Push Up Liner and if I had spent £18.50 on it, I think I would of been left disappointed. To summarise, I love the packaging, the matte black finish, the rich pigment and it's pretty easy to use. However, it couldn't quite handle my oily lids, you do need to keep replacing the little stopper to ensure the product stays creamy and I just found it more fuss than my usual liquid liner. If you are interested in this product but don't want to splash out the cahs you could always try Maybellines version. I'll be finishing off the They're Real Remover and I'd definitely consider purchasing it when I run out.

Have you tried either products? What are your thoughts? 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Two New Loves from The Body Shop.

I don't very often find myself in the Body Shop - not because I don't like the stores, they're always well stocked, inviting and have friendly staff, but because I already have an indecent amount of body butters, scrubs and mists to use up. I did however pop in to my local Body Shop the other day though for one reason only. The newly released Vineyard Peach Body Mist. I previously brought the Vineyard Peach body butter and absolutely adore the scent so I couldn't resist the body mist to accompany it. At £7.50 for 100ml I think these are a great alternative to perfume and they're affordable. I even managed to get my 10% loyalty discount and a free bottle as they were on offer so I have a back up!
The scent is light, fruity and sweet and I'm obsessed, obviously a large glass bottle isn't ideal for travelling but I've had no problems carrying this around in my bag. You'll find that the fragrance does wear off after 5 - 6 hours but a few sprays to top up is all that's needed. This scent reminds me of holidays and peach smints.. if anyone remembers them?!
I also couldn't resist purchasing the new Vitamin E Overnight Serum which retails for £11. The price tag is the main reason I opted for this as I was lusting after the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for the longest time but couldn't bring myself to pay out near £50 for a serum. I'd seen the Body Shop version on Instagram and blogs and also got a discount on this also which means it worked out at under £10. I've used this for the past few weeks and really love this product. There's a twist off top that reveals a dropper so you can dispense the amount of product you want in your hands. I spread a pea sized amount over my face and instantly my skin feels nourished and I can almost hear my face sigh with relief at a well needed boost of moisture. I don't find this greasy or uncomfortable and it works nicely with my oily/combination skin - in the morning you wake to plump, soft skin that looks well rested. I've also found any drier, flaky patches have been less visible since using this.

These are my latest favourites from the Body Shop, have you brought anything from there recently?

Monday, 12 May 2014

Benefit Big Easy Review.

I'm sure I've bored you all many times with my complaints about combination skin, if you can relate then continue reading as this is a product aimed at us oily girls. The newly released Benefit Big Easy is a described as a bigger than BB, liquid to powder, oil free, multi-balancing complexion perfecter - phew. It offers an SPF 35 so it's been released in time to protect your face in the upcoming warm months and also claims to balance moisture and control oil. I was sent three shades to trial out and see what I thought and I've been using this for almost 5 weeks now. This product offers a light, buildable to medium coverage and comes out as a thick cream consistency. I always use my fingers with this as it helps it melt in to the skin and blend more effectively, it evens out the skin tone without feeling or looking heavy and dries to a natural matte finish. Any areas that need a little extra help in the concealing area just need a little touch of concealer and powdering with this is completely optional. Although the finish is liquid to powder and it does dry quickly to a matte finish it doesn't look flat or drying and it makes your skin feel like velvet.
Another perk is the packaging - it's incredibly cute, travel friendly with a screw top tube and offers a little colour to your make up bag. The main love affair with this product is the slap and go style of application and the oil free formula. Most BB creams or light foundation bases offer hydrating properties, dewy finishes, light boosting which all sounds lovely but for oily skinned girls it's only an option if you're a fan of continuous blotting, re-application and powdering throughout the day - snooze. I would recommend exfoliating your skin once a week just to ensure you have a blank canvas to start with and I'd warn dry skin types to be wary as it does cling to areas that are dehydrated. 
I use shade 04 which is 'medium' and this matches me perfectly, I've swatched it for you below from the tube and blended in. There are six shades available and the formula is also non-comedogenic (which I did have to google) which means it wont block pores which is always a bonus.

Have you tried Benefits Big Easy?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Get Organised, Lip Products.

I love seeing how other beauty enthusiasts store their make up. From reading other bloggers posts I discovered the Ikea Alex drawers and Muji Acrylic stackable storage, both of which I adore. I store the majority of my make up in my Ikea drawers as I can easily organise all the products but I quite like having my lipsticks on display to search through if I'm feeling indecisive, plus they look nice! If you're struggling for ideas on how to store your lip products, maybe this could help!
For my high end and current favourite lipsticks I use my 24 partition Acrylic lipstick organiser I found in TKmaxx. They usually have a few hidden gems so it's worth a search through the shelves to see what you can find! I've found some amazing bargains in there! Last time I looked around I found some Made With Love glass jars which I also brought to store lipsticks, I have one for reds and one for pinks. Behind my Acrylic lipstick organiser there's a Muji Desk Pot 3 Partition that stores my lip liners, lip stains and lip balms. This way I can easily find what I need and it's all in its own section. This cost me £5.50 and as with all the acrylic storage it's easy to wipe clean and gives a more spacious, clean appearance as it's clear.
Below I have a Muji Acrylic Wide 2 Drawers which are £10.95 each and incredibly handy. The top drawer I keep current favourite products but the second drawer is bursting to the brim of new lip products waiting to be tested. I love being able to open it up and have a selection to choose from! For older or less worn lip products I have a small wicker basket from Wilkinsons that I keep them in - I can't bring myself to throw any away!
Having everything organised makes getting ready each day far more enjoyable and less stressful! 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster.

*Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, £18.
I'm all about a faux tan and creating a bronzed appearance but I've always struggled with tanning my face. Products I use on my body left my face uneven, clung to dry patches and spots, as well as leaving me a dark shade of mahogany. If I used tanners specifically developed to be used on the face, they tend to be extremely hydrating and light and left me with little to no colour pay off and awfully oily skin. When I read through the description for the new Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, I was sold instantly. Made to measure tan in the form of a facial oil, made for all skin types, with radiance boosting properties - sounds good right?
You get 15ml of product in this glass bottle and I was a little surprised at how small this looks but after trialling it out I can foresee this lasting me months. You only need 1 -3 drops per application and I've been using this a few times a week. The idea is to place a small amount of your normal moisturiser in the palm of your hand, add 1 - 3 drops of the Clarins Golden Glow Booster dependant on your desired look and then mix the two together, apply to your face and wash your hands. I didn't read the instructions properly the first time I used this and ended up shaking the bottle around trying to get the drops out, however there's a soft silicone area at the base that you press and it releases a few drops. I like my face to match near to my body so I use 3 drops at the start of the week, then 1-2 drops mid week for a boost of colour. I found this left me with a gorgeous shade of brown, it looked very natural and sunkissed and didn't cling to dry areas or blemishes. My skin actually looks radiant and refreshed when I wake up, never oily or dry. Due to the gentle nature of this product, you'll find your tan fading evely rather than getting dreaded patchy areas. If you're wondering about the scent, there isn't one which is a bonus for those with sensitive noses. The oil comes out a dark yellow shade but don't worry - it has no colour guide, I apply this at night so it has time to develop which is how I'd suggest using it.

Overally I'm so incredibly impressed by this product and if you're looking for something to give your face an added boost of colour and radiance, that so far has left me with flawless results and will be a must have over Spring and Summer. Originally it's £18 but you can currently find it on offer for £15.80 on Escentual. Thanks for this little bottle of bronzed perfection Clarins!

* I did recieve this product as a PR sample, regardless of this fact all opinions are my own and honest. I wouldn't recommend a product I wouldn't re-purchase myself.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Prime Time. High Street Edition.

Primers seem to be a love hate product. Some people skip them completely and find them a waste of precious time in the mornings, others wouldn't go without them. I think the key is to find a product that fulfils your needs. You need to decide what you want your primer to do and find out what skin type you have, then you'll have more of an idea of which will work for you. Here I've got four of my favourite affordable high street primer and there's one for each skin type!

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer - £6.99
This has a long list of claims which include mattifying and brightening the complexion, smoothing the surface, protecting and resurfacing your skin. This is a great product if your skin is a quite dry, it feels incredibly hydrating and leaves your face silky smooth, allowing make up to apply with ease. It keeps my make up looking fresh and works great on dehydrated skin, although it wont do much in terms of filling in pores.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - £5.99
This is a new release from Rimmel, ideal for combination skinned girls. This primer feels really lightweight and calming on the skin and it leaves you with a matte finish, matte but not dry I should add. It helps combat shine and increase the longevity of your makeup although again, it doesn't do much for filling in pores.
Seventeen Flawless Poreless Primer - £5.99
This is aimed at girls with a normal skin type - not overly dry or shiny. This comes as a solid balm in a compact so you have to pick a little product up with your fingertips and massage it in to the skin. This helps to fill in pores and fine lines, it leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and allows your make up to glide on without clinging to any drier patches.

Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer - £10.99
This primer is the most expensive of the bunch but it's an absolute winner if you have oily skin. This product feels incredibly light on the skin and dries within seconds to leave you with a mattified complexion. It also helps foundation adhere to the skin, this definitely prolongs the wear of my make up and helps to keep me shine free for the majority of the day.

If you're looking for a more illuminated, glowy finish to your skin there's four liquid highlighters I've been loving recently which are the Revlon Skinlights Illuminator, Seventeen Skin Wow, Loreal Lumi Magique and Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum. I'll do a post on these in the future to tell you more about them all and show you what they look like on the skin. 

What's your favourite affordable primer?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Barry M Gelly Nail Paints - Spring Edition. Rose Hip & Sugar Apple.

I love the Barry M Nail Paints, they're affordable, easy to find, usually on offer and come in a range of colours. I loved their matte range but I especially love their Gelly Nail Paints. My previous favourites were Pomegranate, a gorgeous red and Blue Grape, a vivid blue and also a dupe for Nails Inc Baker Street. I did however feel like they were lacking some pastels and low and behold my beauty wishes have been answered because they'd added three new shades to the line, perfect for Spring.
The three shades are Rose Hip, Sugar Apple - both shown above and Huckleberry. Rose Hip is a milky pale pink, Sugar Apple is a mint green mixed with aqua and Huckleberry is a pale blue. All gorgeous, all pastels, all perfect for the upcoming months. I can imagine these would look great on pretty much all skin tones, I especially love the look of these when I have a *ahem, fake* tan on. 
Not only are the colours lovely but the formula is pretty great too. Two thin coats leaves you with an opaque, high shine finish. I've recently discovered a miracle product that extends the wear of these to almost a week - don't worry, it'll be blogged about soon, but without it I get a good few days before I need a touch up. These are £3.99 each but they're usually on offer in Superdrug, 2 for £6 which isn't too shabby. I'm already regretting my decision not to pick up Huckleberry and I'm going out of my way to pick it up tomorrow - and possibly the new Barry M Gelly Lips..

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sharing The LOVE - Bloggers. Youtube.

These are the ladies I'm loving at the moment, there's a mix of Blogs and Youtube channels and these are my most visited over the last few months!

Liana Beauty - Amelias blog is one of all time favourites, she features the latest lust worthy beauty releases, has flawless taste and I can always rely on her recommendations. If the girl says it's good, it's good. She's got hair to die for and her Youtube channel is another of my most recent obsessions, most adorable laugh ever or what!?

Byootee - Harriet is a 20 year old make up artist that writes about all of her current favourite products  and shares her latest make up looks with a product list so you can recreate it too!
 SweetHeartSweetMind - Laura's a 21 year old student who loves everything beauty and fashion related. She's a glamorous girl with luscious locks and fierce nails. 

I Covet Thee - Alix has an amazing blog and YouTube channel. She's really well informed on skin care, beauty and how to apply products. Her blog photos are near perfection, to scroll through all her posts is a treat.

Bird's Word - Beth is another big haired beauty. I love her reviews and favourite posts, her photos are really lovely and her swatches are super helpful to see how the products apply on the skin.

Couture Girl - As if you didn't know Kayleigh already. This blonde haired beauty has taken the blogging world by storm. I adore her outit posts and her reviews, she's got variety, quality and she's dedicated to making sure her readers feel involved.

Belles Boutique - Yummy Mummy in the making Laura has an amazing beauty blog called Belles Boutique which I've followed for ages now. My favourite post? Her contour and higlighting explained with ease. She's a brunette, nude lip loving, bronzed beauty and her blog is well worth a read.

Em Talks - Em is a beauty lover with a passion for fashion, food and everything fabulous. She has great gift guides, restaurant reviews and beauty posts - a fab mix and a great read for everyone.

 Abigail Weightman - Abi is a waitress where I work and has recently started her own beauty blog. She's an 18 year old aspiring make up artist who's recently got her hands on a Canon EOS M and can't wait to get blogging her beauty faves. She'd love your support along the way!

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Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review.

A few months back I was contacted by the girls over at Dirty Looks to see if I'd be interested in trying some of their extensions. I already have naturally long hair but it's quite fine in texture and I couldn't say no to potential added volume, so I accepted. I've been trialling them out for a while now, everywhere from a wander around the local town to a night out with friends and I'm now ready to let you know my thoughts on them.

The extensions arrive in a lilac box with the logo printed on it, this makes for a great storage option to keep your extensions safe when you're not using them. Inside you'll find a booklet with details on how to care for them, keep them in good condition and even details on how/where to place your extensions. The actual extensions themselves come in a plastic zip lock bag with two sections, one is full to the brim with the hair you've ordered, the other is a sample piece. This can be taken out, tested to see if it's the right colour and if it doesn't match you can send them back to trade for another colour. This is a great option if you've struggled with choosing a shade, if you are having this issue though you can always email in for help. Send them a photo of your hair in natural light and they'll match you to the closest shade they offer. This shouldn't be too hard of a task as they offer 21 shades, including multi-tonal options for lighter haired girls.
I opted for the shade - Melted Chocolate Brown. This is a warm brown shade with flecks of a slightly lighter golden colour running through it. Personally I love this as it gave my hair more dimension and I had people ask if I'd had low lights put in. I chose the longest length available 24 - 26" in the full set, this contains 10 wefts - 180g's of hair. One of those wefts is a quad piece, along with a mix of 3, 2 and 1 pieces. I love the variety, it means you can choose where you want the volume and whether you want full on glam or a subtle effect. I was completely blown away by the quality of the hair. It's thick, incredibly soft and 100% human hair which means you can style and wash it as you please. I've curled these, straightened them - even used my rollers and they're still as soft as the day I got them. Although the extensions are incredibly thick, they don't weigh down the hair. If you're new to extensions you do have to wear them a few times to get used to the feeling of having them in, but they're by no means uncomfortable. I was a little wary that the clips might peak through so I had my friends on hair watch but they stay completely nestled out of sight. I tend to keep the full set for nights out when I really want oomph and volume and then use a few smaller pieces in the back and sides for everyday wear.
The full set, 24-26" that I received are £124.99 at the moment instead of the original price £142.99. Considering the quality and the amount of hair you receive, I think they're well worth the price if you're a regular wearer of hair extensions. Keep in mind that the shorter your hair, the less a full set would cost. If you just wanted a little extra volume, you could always opt for a quad weft piece instead.

You can find the full range of extensions, styling products and hair tools over on their website - dirtylooks.com and they ship internationally.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Blog Sale.

If you saw my latest post you'll of noticed I've done quite a bit of shopping lately. This means it's time for a clear out of unwanted, unloved or unnecessary items, so here's a little blog sale for you. I'll be adding bits, so keep your eyes peeled.

Postage will be £3 on top of the prices below.
Paypal, gifted if possible.
All beauty products will be cleaned with a beauty
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Sand - 60% left. £13
Inglot 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette, matte cream, shimmery gold, matte medium brown, matte black and a shimmery chocolate bronze shade. Minor Use. £12.50
Mac Blot Powder, Medium - 75% left. £7
Mac Prep and Prime Powder, 75% left. £7
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Medium Plus. Used Once, still with box. £12.50
Make Up Store Eyeshadow in Diva and Savanna, Minor Use. £3 each, £5 for the two
Mac Lipstick in Hue, never used - in box. £8.50
Benefit Fake Up Concealer, Medium - Swatched twice. £7.50
Liz Earle Signature Foundation, Nude. - 75% left. £8.50
Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Foundation - 90% left. Shade 03. £11.50
Chanel Lipstick, 46 Liberte - 70% left. £8.50

RECENTLY ADDED, find photos over on Twitter.

Mac Eyeshadow in Cranberry - light use, £6
Urban Decay Naked Foundation, 5.0 - 70% left. £11.50
Smashbox Photo Matte Primer, used once. £10
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Light Peach, 75% left. £7.50
Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer NW25, 85% left. £7.50
Clarins Ever Matte Foundation, Honey, 75% left. £9.50
Nars Matte Lipstick, Val Paraiso, 80% left. £8.50
Illamasqua Creamy Foundation CF240, used once, £5

Friday, 14 March 2014

Pay Day Haul.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll of noticed I've had a few splurges recently. I just can't seem to control myself when it comes to beauty products, especially when there's so many new, amazing products being released. I'm contemplating a spending ban, emphasis on the contemplating, we'll see. I treated myself to quite a few beauty bits that I'd noted down during the previous month, some Zoeva goodies which I've already told you about, some clothes which I wont bore you with and two gorgeous bags I'm smitten with. I hope you're not bored of me sharing my recent purchases, please do let me know if you want any of these products reviewed or swatched! No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation 'Deeply Beige', Match Made Concealer in 'Mocha', No.7 Pop & Glow in Blossom, No.7 Highlighter, Revlon Lip Butter in 'Cotton Candy', Revlon Photoready Skinlights in 'Bare', Soap & Glory Solar Power Bronzer and Maybelline Sensational Lipgloss.
Mac Lipsticks in 'Pink Pearl Pop' and 'Hue', Escada Born In Paradise Perfume - 100ml, Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter, Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream and NYX HD Concealer in 'Porcelain'. Topshop Cream Blush in 'Head Over Heels', Powder Blush in 'Good Girl', Lip Crayon in 'On The Cards' and Matte nail polish in 'Milk and Honey'. Save The Nail Repair & Rescue Treatment, Rimmel BB Cream - Matte, Rimmel Matte primer, Maybelline Better Skin foundation, Max Factor Lasting Performance, Max Factor Pan Stick, Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in 'Light', Revlon Matte Balms in 'Elusive', 'Showy' and 'Coquette', Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara, Seventeen Super Lash Mascara, Bourjois Duo Sharpener, Bourjois Dark Khol Mascara, Seventeen and Bourjois Liquid Liners. Garnier Michellar Water, Loreal TXT Volume Supersizing Spray and Dove Dry Shampoo. Barry M Gelly Nail Paints in 'Rose Hip' and 'Sugar Apple', Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in 'Medium', Sleek CC Cream in 'Light', Bourjois CC Cream, Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation, Loreal Lumi Magique foundation and Loreal Infallible 24hr foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 'Medium Warm' and Lasting Perfection 16hr powder, Rimmel Lip Crayons, Gosh Intense Lip Colour and Lipstick. Loreal Elvive Fibrology Range - 3 for £10. Chanel Sheer Lipstick in '63', Loose Powder in 'Clair' and Perfection Concealer in '20'. Kerastase Initialiste Scalp and Hair Concentrate, Dior Rosy Glow Blush, Anastasia Beverely Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Tanya Burr Lipgloss in 'First Date', CND Sticky Base Coat, The Balm Sexy Mama, Betty-Lou Manizer and Instain blusher. Illamasqua Cream Foundation and Blusher in 'Tremble' - both only £5 in the Illamaqua sale, Benefit Watts Up Highlighter and Boi-Ing concealer and Mac Sculpting Powder in 'Shadowy' and Sculpting Powder in 'Elusive'. Lush Melting Marshmallow Moment, Creamy Candy Bar, Fluffy Egg and Rose Bubbleroon and Popcorn lip scrub - all insanely sweet. Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag in Pale Sky.
Although it may seem I got a little carried away I really did get some great deals. Both Superdrug and Boots were offering 3 for 2 on cosmetics, The Body Shop had a 30% off code, Illamasqua had a huge sale, I had Debenhams Beauty Card points, Boots beauty points and some products were included in a deal, or had free delivery - this is how I'm justifying it all anyway.
What've you purchased this pay day?!