Thursday, 25 February 2016

Stop your blonde from going brassy and see me go from black to blonde.


The amount of times I've left the hairdressers unhappy is sickening and I've learnt from my mistakes when it comes to being more direct and specific when asking for what I want. I now always show the hairdresser reference photos when it comes to the colour and the cut, with the undertone I like and any worries I have with the condition of my hair. I like mine to look ashy, almost a silvery white, without looking over processed. If you're going from dark brown or black to blonde, it's going to take time. You want it to take time. That way it's going to be easier on your hair, you'll be able to maintain some of the condition and have more control over how light you're going. The first time I got blonde highlights, they threw on 10%, put me under a heat light - for an hour and even then it barely lifted. After that I researched hairdressers, looking for their before/after photos to see what they could achieve. When you've had your hair bleached, you'll have a toner put on and this is when they'll take it from brassy to a beautiful creamy beige!
 Most importantly, if you find a good hairdressers, STICK WITH THEM. So important. They'll get to know your personal preferences and you'll build up a relationship so you'll become more open with vocalising what you want.


I use a Silver shampoo from the Loreal Professional Range and it's the best I've found for really making a difference to your hair. I use it one or twice a week, depending if my hair needs it - it's easier to maintain your colour then waiting until it's really brassy then trying to fix it. I start off by washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo, to remove any product, then applying the silver shampoo - go on with cleansing my face, shaving my legs, exfoliating and then wash it off. I don't stick with a time limit, but I would say 15-20 minutes works for me. After this your hair will be D-R-Y. I've been using the Natural Look Colour Art Mask which has coconut oil, chamomile and papaya extracts. It helps to detangle my hair, leaves it super soft and helps restore body. I always finish washing my hair with a burst of cold water to close the hair cuticles as this will help to promote shine.

  • Attempt to limit yourself with heat styling to special occasions. I know. It's hard, if you're struggling, try turning the temperature down on your styling tools, if it has the option. Always use a heat protectant spray and a leave in conditioner to help counteract the drying effect.
  • Scalp massage. This helps with regrowth by stimulating the scalp as it causes blood to rush to the area
  • Get a regular trim. There's no way to mend split ends - it's just not possible and if you leave them, they can travel up the hair shaft and it'll mean you'll end up with breakage all over. Getting a regular trim will get rid of any split ends and it'll make your hair look fuller. Hate a blunt cut? Ask your hairdresser to cut in the base line and then feather it so it doesn't look so blocky.
  •   Invest in good products. It's worth spending a little extra on products that have an ingredients list that will benefit your hair. You want products that will protect your colour and condition, but also nourish the hair. 
NOW TO BOMBARD YOU WITH PHOTOS, here's my hair timeline - showing you the gradual process of getting my hair from almost black to dark brown to blonde - through ombre, highlights, toners and then finally the colour I wanted all along.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

currently on offer, buy 1 get 1 half price in Boots.

Ideal for those with oily skin, the Sanctury 5 minute thermal detox mask is self heating on application and helps to rebalance the skins oil level to clarify and rebalance the skin. The heat helps to open up the pores, so the charcoal and clay can help draw out any impurities in the skin. I always opt for a clay mask as I have oily/combination skin to help clear out any congested pores. Even if you have dry skin, you can apply this on your t-zone and then follow it up with a hydrating mask after. This has a very thick consistency, similar to the Origins Clear Improvement mask, or the Body Shop Seaweed Clay mask. It recommends to use this twice a week, but I use it once a week as I dedicate a day a week to a complete body/face and mind refresh. I remove all of my make up, cleanse my skin, then apply this mask - wait 5 minutes and once it's dried, remove it with warm water then follow it up with a moisturising mask and a gel oil free moisturiser and my skin feels like satin. I've used this mask previously, but Sanctury have just relaunched their range, keeping their trusted products - just giving them a modern touch visually and adding a few new launches which I'll be reviewing in the next week or so!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Benefit Celebrate Besties with Starbucks

Benefit and Starbucks have recently teamed up to celebrate the month of love with a special offer for you and your bestie. Head to any Benefit counter and pick up a pink coffee sleeve and treat your favourite person to a free drink when you buy yours. Also make sure to keep an eye out for pink coasters in Starbucks which will see you get a complimentary makeupper at a Benefit counter of your choice!

Enjoy x

High Street Must Haves.


BARGAIN ALERT / They're currently on offer 2 for £10 in Boots, for that price you'd be crazy not to pick up two.
This is a newer palette from Sleek that contains some really beautiful shades, there's a matte ivory and a deep brown which covers all neutral bases, there's a few golds, greys, a cranberry, a beautiful rosy purple and a few other shimmers. They're all intensely pigmented and easy to blend.

This is an absolute steal at under £5 as it offers everything you'd need to create a contoured, highlighted and flushed face. The bronzer is the perfect shade for my NC25/30 skin, it's matte, blends beautifully and can be built up to your desired intensity. The highlighter is slightly too pale and icy for my taste, but that's purely personal preference, on fairer skins it would look beautiful but I prefer more golden or champagne shades. Then we have two blushers, one is a rosy pink that almost gives the Benefit Dandelion effect, brightening your face with a hint of colour and the slightest amount of shimmer. The other is a deeper, matte pink which I also love to dust higher on the cheekbones. I'm on my second palette, I've even got my boyfriends mum converted to using this daily.

I've raved about this for years. I love this shade, it's almost identical to Mac Fleshpot - a nude, milky pink but with a creamier, moisturising finish. I find this lasts really well on my lips, it's incredibly pigmented and you can get these on offer, 3 for £5. There are a few other really beautiful shades in the Natural Collection range so if you haven't stopped for a browse before, go have a swatch.

This isn't a product for everyone, the shade is a very Barbie-esque pink that looks glossy on the lips but it's also intensely moisturising and great for a hint of colour if you apply it sparingly. On days when I want to look fresh faced and feminine, I love dabbing this really lightly on the lips, blending it in and it just looks like an effortless tint of colour.

Topshop Doe Eyed Mascara - £10
This is hands down the best mascara I've ever tried. I've gone through three tubes of this and as long as they make it, I'll buy it. The brush is huge but it does an amazing job of separating your lashes, adding length and volume. I also love that you can layer this and by that I mean you can apply a coat, let it dry, then apply another layer and it wont clump on you. It doesn't transfer or smudge underneath my eyes, which in a mascara that's not waterproof is hard to find.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Product RAVE // Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

 Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
I adore this product. 

I brought a mini of the Hourglass mineral veil primer from Space NK a while back and had forgotten about it completely, then when I came out to Australia I brought it with me. Since then I've used it for every special occassion and evenings out. I was attempting to draw out its lifespan by using it sparingly but once it was gone, I definitely missed it from my make up routine so I had to invest in a full size version. I found it on the Mecca make up website for $79, but if you're in the UK this will set you back £52 for a 30ml bottle. If you've seen my haul posts on Instagram or my blog in the past, you'll know I can't lie when I say I'm an addict to high end brands, but I really do believe it's worth investing in a few quality products to build your make up bag around. A good primer, foundation, concealer and mascara.
The packaging of all Hourglass products are chic, expensive and eye catching, with their simplistic design, even their mineral veil comes in a heavy glass bottle with a pump - I know some people look at glass packaging as a disadvantage, but I've never had an issue even when travelling. I use a single pump to cover my whole face and it comes out white, but blends in to nothing yet leaves your skin feeling like velvet. It's mineral based, water resistant, oil free and boasts an SPF of 15 whilst eliminating redness, minimising pores, softening fine lines and creating a flawless base for make up application. This leaves my face looking refreshed and almost as if you've used a soft focus tool on your skin. I find it makes applying my foundation and concealer such an easy task and things just blend so effortlessly. I won't lie and say this keeps my oily skin shine free all day, it definitely does prolong the wear of my base products but it is 32 degrees out here most days recently and if I didn't have a little bit of oil production it would mean I wasn't perspiring at all, which would be dreamy but unrealistic, haha. Not only can you use this as a primer, it can also just be worn alone as a light sun protectant and to help achieve flawless skin without actually applying tinted products. 
What else can I say? You need it, buy the mini if you're wary and thank me after.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip 'Tulle' & 'Trap'.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in 'Trap' and 'Tulle'

If you follow me on Instagram (lisamichellexx) you'll of seen a month or so back I placed an order with Colourpop cosmetics. I got a few eyeshadows, a highlighter, a few lippie stix and some of their ultra matte lips. I've trialled out all of the products now and I'll be posting reviews on all, but today I wanted to mention these two Ultra Matte Lips in 'Trap' - the lighter, milkier shade and 'Tulle' - the deeper, raspberry. I've been pairing these up together, applying Tulle first all over, then placing Trap on the inside to create a bit of a highlight and contour to the lips. I love how pigmented the Ultra Matte Lips are, Colourpops shade range is totally on trend, the whole branding I adore, although I don't love the cost of shipping to Australia - SOB. As much as I love this combination, I do have to admit that the lighter shades I purchased do get a little dry on the lips and if you apply too much you do get patchiness. I combat this by applying a tiny bit of lipbalm on the top, which I know defeats the purpose of buying a matte product, but it helps extend the wear of them and make them a bit more comfortable on the lips. I'm sure if you applied lip balm first then applied these, it would have the same effect and still dry to a matte, or semi matte finish. I should mention, I don't find this an issue with the darker, or more vibrant shades, I don't have to prep my lips in any way - they stay put and feel completely comfortable to wear. Here's the combination below.

What's your favourite Colourpop product?

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishlist // February 2016

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
I brought a mini of this a while ago to trial out and only used it when I was going out for the evening, or a special occassion and I've just ran out. This is skincare and a primer in one, it's oil free and works really well with my combination skin. It conceals pores, any fine lines, blurs any imperfections and leaves your skin feeling like velvet, leaving a beautiful base for make up to sit on. I also think it helps to prolong the wear of my base, even though I still get a little oily, it's more of a slight dewy sheen on the skin instead of looking greasy.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
I've heard so many people rave about this product, claiming it's full coverage, leaves a beautiful finish and works well for oily skin. I'm almost out of my Estee Lauder Double Wear and after a new foundation, I like medium - full coverage, matte or semi matte finish and for it to wear well - is that too much to ask for?!

Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer
I swatched this recently and loved how easily it blends in to the skin, it's a lovely natural sunkissed shade with a bit of warmth to it and it just melts in, blending so easily.

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit
I've been after a contour kit for a while now, I tried the Anastasia Beverley Hills palette but wasn't completely happy with it. I want the two lighter shades to be like Emphasize Pro Highlighting powder from Mac and a pan form of Ben Nye Banana powder, along with a champagne, shimmery - not glittery, highlighter, then a golden bronzer like Tarte's Park Avenue Princess, along with an ashy contour shade and a slightly warmer colour. I should just get a Z palette and depot all these products indivudually, haha.

Tarte Tartlette Palette
 This is full of matte neutral shades that look really intensely pigmented but easy to blend. I love matte shades and I've really missed having a neutral palette that I can create more easy to wear looks with. Have any of you guys used this palette? Or do you have other recommendations? Ideally I'd just repurchase the Lorac Pro eyeshadow palette but it's so hard to get hold of in Australia!

Kate Somerville Exfolikate
I've heard so many things about Kate Somerville products and this has rave reviews on the Sephora website. I can't go without an exfoliater, otherwise I find make up doesn't sit as well on my skin and my Dermologica Daily Microfoliant is just about to run out!

What are you lusting after recently? Do you have any product recommendations for me?