Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation Review.

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation - £34


Becca always has such minimalist packaging that manages to ooze simplistic luxury. The kind of brand that knows that you don't have to over exert yourself in the packaging department because the product speaks for itself. This foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with a twist off metallic lid, as you untwist it the centre pops up and this is how you dispense the foundation as it has a dropper. This means you get the perfect amount of foundation for application. 

This is definitely a foundation for those who love a radiant finish. Combination and oily skins will have to be very careful with this, a foundation with such a dewy finish although it looks beautiful it's just not long wearing for us. I can use this when I'm going out for the evening for a few hours but any longer and I'd have to powder and prime so much it would completely take away from the beauty of this product. Dry to normal skins, would love this - it's a very thin formula, it blends beautifully - I like to apply it with a stippling brush to get as much coverage out of it as possible, but saying that it's still a sheer/light coverage. Lisa Eldrige says it best though when she says if you have great skin, opt for a foundation with a light coverage then go in and spot conceal - have people telling you how beautiful your skin is, not how beautifully your foundation sits. Not gonna lie though, I'm a lover of full coverage, conceal the f outta my face type of products 90% of the time. I am from Essex after all.

Anything I should consider when I buy this foundation?
It transfers. It transferred on me, but again I'm combination/oily. I would say get yourself a light powder that sets the foundation whilst still letting the luminosity of the foundation show through. Get yourself a Mac Mineralise Skinfinish Natural powder or the Bourjois Healthy Mix powder. I picked up the shade Medium which is comparable to an NC30 although as it's a sheer coverage if you're a little off in colour it's pretty forgiving and wont show.


This foundation is beautiful. If you're a lover of luminous skin, a glowy finish, a sheer coverage and hate the feeling of foundation of your skin - this is perfect for you. It's a really luxurious formula and truly encompases the idea of a high end foundation, but be wary on oily skins.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

High Street Haul / Priceline

PRICELINE HAUL / what you need:

Macademia Deep Repair Hair Masque - this is one of the BEST hair masks I've found for dry, brittle hair, so ideal for me now I'm blonde. It deeply hydrates the hair and leaves it so much easier to detangle which helps prevent breakage.

MineTan Dark Ash Tanning Mousse - this is my third time repurchasing this product and it's easily one of my favourite self tanners. It gives me the deep tan I want, it doesn't smell, it's affordable and it never streaks on me.

Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator - I've always used the Dermalogica exfoliating powder, but I remember heaps of people raving about the Indeed Labs version when it was released so I decided to give it a try. I've only used it once so far, but it's just as good and for half the price!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - I love the Real Techniques brushes and forgot how much I enjoyed using them until I repurchased this brush. It blends products with such ease and leaves you with an airbrushed complexion. This brush is the perfect size for foundation, concealer, cream contour - so it's really an all in one.

Neutrogena Cleansing Towlettes - for lazy people like myself who don't have a proper skin care regime, these are the best face wipes I've used. They have a really lovely scent which they claim helps to relax and calm you before bed, they remove ALL your make up and they leave your skin feeling really hydrated after.

Sinful Colors Nail Varnish - cheap, huge colour range, opaque colours that have now released a gel finish range and a collab with Kylie Jenner.  

Also purchased - The Bourjois Healthy mix foundation and powder, Bourjois Push Up Volume mascara andd Lash Machine fibres, BYS brow products, 1000 Hours indivual short lashes and a SELECTION of nude lip products, what a surprise! haha.

What have you been buying recently that you're excited to use?  

Friday, 6 May 2016

JBronze Face Flawless Tan

JBronze Face Flawless Tan - $24.95

I was recently sent a few products from the JBronze range to try out and the first of the products to go on trial was the face flawless tan. I've always found it a hard task to find the right tanning product for my face. I've tried facial tanning oils, creams, body tanners on my face, to mixing foundation and self tanner together - eek. This facial tanner comes in the form of a cream which actually comes out a olive green colour. Sounds off putting, I know but it blends in to almost nothing, if not a slight bronzed tint on application. I like to darken my face a good 2-3 shades so I apply this quite heavily and give it a few minutes to dry, after that it doesn't feel greasy or tacky. The biggest benefit to this product is how moisturising it is - I think this is essential when you fake tan your face. I tend to find a lot of facial tanning products to be drying, or to emphasise spots or dry patches and nothing looks worse than visible flaky skin that's got discoloured edges, or worse a black spot. I apply this right before bed, sleep in it and then rinse it off in the morning and my skin is unbelievably soft and left with an even bronze tint. The cream does have a fragrance to it, so those who are fragrance sensitive might have to be a little wary, but aside from that I'm really happy with the results I get from this!

Whats your favourite facial tanning products?