Friday, 6 May 2016

JBronze Face Flawless Tan

JBronze Face Flawless Tan - $24.95

I was recently sent a few products from the JBronze range to try out and the first of the products to go on trial was the face flawless tan. I've always found it a hard task to find the right tanning product for my face. I've tried facial tanning oils, creams, body tanners on my face, to mixing foundation and self tanner together - eek. This facial tanner comes in the form of a cream which actually comes out a olive green colour. Sounds off putting, I know but it blends in to almost nothing, if not a slight bronzed tint on application. I like to darken my face a good 2-3 shades so I apply this quite heavily and give it a few minutes to dry, after that it doesn't feel greasy or tacky. The biggest benefit to this product is how moisturising it is - I think this is essential when you fake tan your face. I tend to find a lot of facial tanning products to be drying, or to emphasise spots or dry patches and nothing looks worse than visible flaky skin that's got discoloured edges, or worse a black spot. I apply this right before bed, sleep in it and then rinse it off in the morning and my skin is unbelievably soft and left with an even bronze tint. The cream does have a fragrance to it, so those who are fragrance sensitive might have to be a little wary, but aside from that I'm really happy with the results I get from this!

Whats your favourite facial tanning products?

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  1. It's good to hear that you liked this as I have been quite curious myself!


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