Friday, 30 January 2015

New Product Alert || Benefit Puff Off.

*Benefit Puff Off - £22.50, 10ml.
Any time I find a parcel from Benefit awaiting me as I walk through the door, I am already like an over excited child. They have the cutest packaging and innovative products with witty names that make them feel like a real luxury. On this occasion, the parcel contained their new release, 'Puff Off' eye gel which has a unique selling point with its iron shaped applicator. So what does it claim to do?
Peptide blends help to reduce the look of puffiness.
Light diffusing particles help smooth away the appearance of fine lines.
I have to admit, I've not really dipped my toe far in to the pool of skin care products, partly because I'm little lazy, also because there's SO many to choose from. I do however realise that I have just turned 24 and should really focus on preserving the current state of my skin, especially whilst working as a full time chef and also being addicted to Netflix, which combined, lead to many late nights. Starting with the darkening shadow underneath my eyes which seems to become more noticeable every year. First impressions of this product were: love the name, adorable packaging, compact, travel friendly - adore the iron applicator. It did seem a little like the iron shaped tip might be a bit gimmicky but once I used it, I knew I was totally wrong. The shape fits around the eye area beautifully and the metal tip, whilst applying, feels really cooling and refreshing. I've used this continuously for just over a week now and I have to say, it lives up to the claims. It's lovely to apply, it doesn't feel thick or sticky, it melts in to the skin, makes the skin look smoother and slightly illuminated - but not in a glitter/shimmering way and works well underneath make up. I've had no issues with concealer moving or mascara smudging. 

I've been really impressed by this product, so much so that I think my mum might find this in her Mothers Day hamper this year and if you want to get your hands on it, it's available on the 31st of January online and in stores, at £22.50.