Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sportsgirl Nail It! Plain Jane

As far as I'm aware, Sportsgirl is mainly a fashion focused brand but they've branched out in to beauty. At first glance I wasn't overly impressed by the range, but a browse and a swatch later I'd ended up with six of their Nail It! varnishes in my basket. They were around $9 each and after wearing it the last week I'm so impressed I even debated going in to town to buy back ups. For a start, they apply easily, with an opaque colour in just one coat, they dry pretty quickly and after a week of wear I have 7 nails unchipped or marked which is unheard of for me, especially because I'm doing a lot of physical work recently. In particular I've fallen for the shade ' Plain Jane' which looks almost like a baby blue in the photo, but it's a light grey with a hint of blue. The range of shades isn't huge, I think the store I visited had about 12 colours, but along with nail paints, I also discovered their bronze body shimmer and their jewellery which is all very cool and inexpensive and doesn't leave you with discoloured fingers like some brands.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What I'm Loving Recently // Face Favourites.

base: Australis Stay Put Foundation mixed with Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
         Laura Mercier Mineral Powder
         Australis Contour Kit
         H&M Highlighting Powder
eyes: Mac Soft Ocre Paint Pot
         Soap & Glory Liquid Liner
         DB Amplifying Mascara
         Savvy Brow Pencil in Blonde
lipsMac Honeylove Lipstick 
tan: LovingTan Ultra Dark Mousse

I've always been a lover of Estee Lauder Double Wear, but since discovering Priceline I haven't been able to resist buying a few new base products to trial out. Australis Stay Put foundation I don't like alone, it's medium coverage, but it has a semi matte yet glowy finish that means it just doesn't adhere to my skin and it slides off, however mixed, the two foundations create a really beautiful coverage and finish, whilst lasting all day. The Laura Mercier Mineral Powder has been raved about on blogs and Youtube and for good reason. It adds a little extra touch of coverage, sets your make up and just leaves your skin looking airbrushed. The Australis Contour Kit I find to be a little bit hit and miss, I find it better then the Anastasia Beverley Hills, but at the same time it's still not perfect. The three contour shades are pretty dark, two are quite ashy, cool toned and one is very warm, orange based. The main issue though is that they're too pigmented, meaning even if you're really careful with application, you can still end up with muddy looking cheeks whilst trying to blend the product out. I do however love the two matte highlight shades, one is a bright banana yellow, the other is a pale pinky white and they do wonders for lifting the under eye area. Be warned though, if you're heavy handed you can get caught out with flash photography. As for the shimmery highlight shade, there's nothing wrong with it, I just have better so I tend to opt for other products, such as the H&M Highlighting Powder. Such a cheap product, but it works so well, it's a shimmery, almost pearlescent pinky, champagne colour that just adds a beautiful candlelit glow to your face. I even use this on my collarbone if I'm wearing a lower cut dress or playsuit.
Mac's Paint Pot in Soft Ocre is an old favourite and always will be. It covers any veining on the lids, its gives you a nice clean base, makes your eyes look more awake, prolongs the wear of eyeshadow and prevents creasing. Unrivalled. Additionally, the Soap & Glory liquid eyeliner is amazing, if you're a lover of felt pens, you can't go wrong with this, it's really pigmented, easy to use, lasts all day and looks like a rich, dark black. The mascara I'm trialling out, it's from DB and it's got a teeny plastic brush which really separates your lashes. I always layer my mascara so I use 2-3 coats to achieve the desired effect. The Savvy eyebrow pencil is pretty soft and waxy, but I find it to work really well, I heavily apply it through my brows then brush it out a few times with the spooly which seems to leave a full, well groomed finish.
As for lips, you can never go wrong with Mac and I've rediscovered my love for Honeylove, a peachy, matte nude that works well with a bolder eye or contoured cheeks. I've recently discovered ColourPop cosmetics though and ordered too many of their matte lip creams and lippie stix so I'm sure I'll have a new favourite in the next few weeks! 

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Loving Tan Ultra Dark Mousse

If you follow my Instagram (lisamichellexx) or my blog reguarly, you'll know that I recently quit my job, applied for a working holiday visa and ended up in Australia. While I'm here, it would be rude not to see what this beautiful place has to offer in the beauty department. If you haven't heard of Loving Tan before, they've an Australian based self tanning company that ship worldwide. I'd had my eye on the brand for a while, so when they offered to send me their Ultra Dark Mousse to trial along with their Deluxe Self Tanning Applicator Mitt and Skin Polishing Glove, I couldn't really say no. Who would know how to recreate a bronzed glow better then bronzed Aussie babes that also want to protect their skin at the same time?
First Impressions:
The packaging is girly and chic, a little easier on the eye then the basic packaging most other brands opt for. I love the branding of Loving Tan, along with the name and the range of products I've browsed on their website. They seem to have all bases covered, whether you're after a light tint, wash off body make up or an ultra deep olive tan. Their tanning products are salon inspired and claim to combine a self tanner with a moisturiser in one, whilst also being fast drying and deep in colour. The Ultra Dark is recommended for experianced tanners and having been 'body bronzing' for 6 years, this is the shade I opted for. The base colour is a deep brown with a red undertone and as I applied it I noticed how easily it blended in, how light the scent was and how deep the colour looked. Not to fear though, once applied the colour seems to settle in slightly and looks like you've had a few days on a beach in the sunshine, it then continues to develop and (if you're a regular self tanner, you'll know what I mean) its completely satisfying to see your skin tone deepen to a deep, olive shade. The test is always the next day though, when you wash off the colour guide, and I was not disappointed when I was still left with a realistic, dark tan. I also had my boyfriends mum and nan comment on how much nicer and natural it looked compared to my previous tanning products, even though it was darker!
I've used it three times now since then and each time I've been so happy with the result I've achieved, it dries quickly, it doesn't leave you feeling tacky and it lasts a full week on my skin which impressed me hugely as I'd never been able to maintain a tan for that long before! Considering I'm hugely lazy with moisturising my skin in the days after, all I can assume this is down to is the Skin Polishing Glove and the product itself. To prep my skin, I simply have a long soak in the bath, then exfoliate my skin, apply an oil free moisturiser on any dry areas then apply the self tanning mousse in circular motions, all over my body. Simple as that.
 At $39.95, it works out at £32.35 with the cost of shipping to get it delivered to the UK, or if you're in Australia shipping will cost you $9.95. If you're interested in seeing more before and after photos, search for 'lovingtanofficial' on Instagram or Loving Tan on Youtube and you'll be blown away by the amount of people that rave about it!
Here's some photos of me wearing the Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse.