Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sportsgirl Nail It! Plain Jane

As far as I'm aware, Sportsgirl is mainly a fashion focused brand but they've branched out in to beauty. At first glance I wasn't overly impressed by the range, but a browse and a swatch later I'd ended up with six of their Nail It! varnishes in my basket. They were around $9 each and after wearing it the last week I'm so impressed I even debated going in to town to buy back ups. For a start, they apply easily, with an opaque colour in just one coat, they dry pretty quickly and after a week of wear I have 7 nails unchipped or marked which is unheard of for me, especially because I'm doing a lot of physical work recently. In particular I've fallen for the shade ' Plain Jane' which looks almost like a baby blue in the photo, but it's a light grey with a hint of blue. The range of shades isn't huge, I think the store I visited had about 12 colours, but along with nail paints, I also discovered their bronze body shimmer and their jewellery which is all very cool and inexpensive and doesn't leave you with discoloured fingers like some brands.

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  1. Gorgeous nails, that colour is so pretty!

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