Saturday, 30 October 2010

Christmas Giveaway

I'm feeling all christmassy and festive lately so I thought I'd hold another giveaway as I've just sent off all the bits for the last one and feel in the mood to give away some more goodies!

I'm going to run this contest up until the 10th of December so I'll have time to send it out before Christmas and the idea of this is that I'm not going to tell anyone what the prizes will be so when it arrives it will be just like an extra Christmas gift. This is for followers only, sorry!

All you have to do for an entry is tell me what you're asking for this Christmas and why?

And for an extra entry all you have to do is put a link in your sidebar or create your own post on my giveaway.

Good luck ladies!

xx Lisa

Current Favourites

Nivea Essential Care Chapstick's are available in most stores, £1.99 and they're the best I've used so far! I always get chapped lips in winter so I always carry one in my bag it leaves your lips feeling moisturised and nourished rather than a greasy film.

Illamasqua Katie, £16 has become a new favourite and I use it daily, it's a gorgeous light pink flush that brightens up your face.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation, £12.99. I've re-purchased this three times already, it's a cream to liquid foundation that blends effortlessly into the skin and gives good coverage. I've tried a few shades and none have appeared even the slightest bit orange, they're all very natural colours which I find a rarity. I use this as an eye base, foundation and to blank out my lips because it never looks cakey!

Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle, £4.99 this is a new find and I adore it. The glitter makes me feel all christmassy!

Maybelline Pure Liquid Minerals Foundation, £7.99 whenever I want a lighter coverage foundation I always go for this. I've used it for years and it comes in a great variety of shades, has a beautiful finish and isn't too damaging on the bank balance!

Bourjous 16 hour Liquid Liner, £6. This has replaced my Loreal Super Liner which I loved. The tiny brush allows me to do really thin lines and control the size of the flicks when I do my eyeliner, plus it doesn't budge!


My all time favourite, No.17 Lasting Finish in 'Mint Choc Chip' with my new love Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle in 'Brooke'. I'm like a magpie, anything shiny grabs my attention!

Andrea Fulerton

Packaging: 5/5
Product Quality: 5/5
Price: £4.99
Overall Thoughts: Very impressed, would repurchase.
Available: Here

If any of you have a Superdrug near to you then you may have seen the new nail range by Andrea Fulerton. The collection offers high quality nail varnishes, french manicure sets, double ended varnishes, glitters, rhinestones, nail tattoos and more all for affordable prices.

I purchased the Stripe and Sparkle in 'Brooke' which has a glitter nail varnish on one side with a thin brush that allows you to easily draw on dots, stripes and designs and a fine glitter on the other. The packaging is very sleek and secure and even though using the glitter does create quite a mess I am in love with this and would definately suggest that everyone check out what she has available online or in store!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Half Term Haul

It's half term this week so me and my mum decided to hop on a train today to the nearest shopping centre to check out the fuss about Primark. Apart from the epic journey, copious amounts of walking and dent in my car fund (oops!) I ended up with these goodies!

Ankle Boots, New Look. £34.99, they're actually dark brown and lovely! I've been lusting after these for weeks and decided to finally give in!
Primark Skinny Jeans - £8Primark Coat - £17 - Bargain!
Chunky knit cardigan, Primark £10
Fluffy Jumper with button detail - £4
Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo - £2.99, staple product!
Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle polish £4.99, I can't wait to do a bit of DIY art on my nails.
Nivea Essential Care Stick - £1.99, I love these!
Bourjous Liquid Liner - £6.99
NYC Natural Matte Foundation - £2.99, I always have a cheapy on standby to lighten foundations with are too dark for me.
Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation - £12.99
Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream (Reminds me of Mac Strobe Cream)
2 for £3
Primark Face Wipes, 2 for £1.
I go through these so quickly, they're so handy to take when you stay at someone elses house or after a drunken night out!
Primark Eyeshadow Palette £2
Butterfly earings £2 these are soo cute!
Lashes 2 for £2.99

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hair Dilema.

This is my current hair colour, it's faded from a dark chocolate brown to a medium slightly ginger brown which I hate. I'm really tempted to try going blonde as my hair's light enough now but I only want a specific shade of blonde, I'm picky! However keeping it up would be pretty costly and it could potentially look terrible.. so I'm tempted to opt for the easy option of a box dye.

What do you guys think? Brunette or Blonde?

Mini Blog Sale. Enjoy!

Payments via PayPal.
Postage and Packaging for UK residents will be £2.00
Leave a comment with your e-mail address stating which item you're interested in.

Gucci Guilty Body Lotion. 200ml
Retails for £28.00 in Boots. £30 in Debenhams.
Never used as I'm allergic to perfumed items, still in box.
Selling for £15.00

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in RF205.
Used Once, Swatched Once.
Too light now I'm back into self tanning but I will be repurchasing in a darker shade! Full review to follow.
Retails for £21.00
Selling for £15.00

Mac Mineralize Blush in 'Dainty'
Used Twice.

Retails for £17.00
Selling for £9.50

Any Questions, comment below. xx

Monday, 25 October 2010


I haven't been able to paint my nails in so long because of work and college so I re-visited Revlons Minted and sure enough, I love it just as much as I did before!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Eyeko Ambassador

I've just signed up and become an Eyeko Ambassador which means that with every purchase you make at Eyeko you can enter E10967 at the checkout and recieve a free full size product with your order! :)

I'll be doing a post in a few days on the Eyeko products I own and giving my opinion on them all incase some of you haven't heard of the brand before!


Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation Review

Over the last few weeks a close inspection of my make-up collection made me realise that I'm becoming a complete make-up snob. I buy products because their packaging is shiny and the brand is well known rather than because it works so I put myself on a spending ban, essential items only.

This led to my rediscovery of Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation.

I honestly do not have enough good things to say - it's amazing. The only downside is the hideously tacky packaging that I hate, however those who love a simple no nonsence product wont mind as it has a pretty sensible twist cap and comes in a squeezy bottle.

The consistency of the foundation is slightly thick, it wont run off your hand but it blends incredibly easily. It offers a medium to full coverage and covers all the annoying new blemishes I've aquired over the last few weeks.
Max Factor offer a variety of shades and even then if you can't find your perfect match I brought 2 in a '3 for 2' offer and mix them up then I can adjust it in accordance to colour of my fake tan. I love the finish of this foundation, semi matte. It doesn't leave you with a dry powdery face like most other full coverage foundations, which I hate. Now I'm sure all this sounds great but there was one main selling point for me.

Staying power.
I have a huge issue with foundations being completely wiped out by the time I get home due to my oily skin however with this it's all still there after I get home from a long day at work or college.

The Lasting Performance Foundation retails for around £9-10 for 35ml but mine has lasted me ages as you don't need a lot to cover everything. I am most definately going to re-purchase which is a rarity for me as I never stick with one foundation for more than half a tube.!

Have any of you tried this?

Friday, 8 October 2010

Bad Customer Service

As all of you fashion junkies will know H & M launched their online website a few weeks ago so I went and had a little browse and found a couple of things I wanted. I placed my order and five days later it turned up.. In a ripped up bag with 2 of my items missing.

I rang up customer services and told them about my problem and the lady was very helpful, she said she would refund me £22.00 which was the cost of my 2 items, would have to re-order the items that were missing but would give me a 10% discount, £5 off voucher and fast track my delivery.

It all sounded great, almost too good to be true.
And it was.

7 days later there was still no sign of the refund they had promised.
My re-ordered items haven't even been processed yet.. fast tracked delivery? pppfttt.

So, once again I rang up customer services. The guy on the line was very unhelpful and pretty much said he couldn't tell me anything. Then said they were 'waiting on my items to be returned to the warehouse before they could refund me which would take 3-5 days' to which I corrected him that there weren't any items to be sent back.. as they hadn't turned up in the first place!
In the end he just said he couldn't do anything for me, he would pass along my details as the order and my refund hadn't been processed. Meaning I've paid £45 for .. nothing.

I've tried emailing and phoning up and nothing seems to be happening.. It seems a bit wrong that a company can just take your money and not send you the items ordered yet us as customers can't do anything about it. I wont be ordering again from h&m anytime soon I feel completely mugged off.

Have any of you recieved bad customer service?