Thursday, 14 October 2010

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation Review

Over the last few weeks a close inspection of my make-up collection made me realise that I'm becoming a complete make-up snob. I buy products because their packaging is shiny and the brand is well known rather than because it works so I put myself on a spending ban, essential items only.

This led to my rediscovery of Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation.

I honestly do not have enough good things to say - it's amazing. The only downside is the hideously tacky packaging that I hate, however those who love a simple no nonsence product wont mind as it has a pretty sensible twist cap and comes in a squeezy bottle.

The consistency of the foundation is slightly thick, it wont run off your hand but it blends incredibly easily. It offers a medium to full coverage and covers all the annoying new blemishes I've aquired over the last few weeks.
Max Factor offer a variety of shades and even then if you can't find your perfect match I brought 2 in a '3 for 2' offer and mix them up then I can adjust it in accordance to colour of my fake tan. I love the finish of this foundation, semi matte. It doesn't leave you with a dry powdery face like most other full coverage foundations, which I hate. Now I'm sure all this sounds great but there was one main selling point for me.

Staying power.
I have a huge issue with foundations being completely wiped out by the time I get home due to my oily skin however with this it's all still there after I get home from a long day at work or college.

The Lasting Performance Foundation retails for around £9-10 for 35ml but mine has lasted me ages as you don't need a lot to cover everything. I am most definately going to re-purchase which is a rarity for me as I never stick with one foundation for more than half a tube.!

Have any of you tried this?

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