Thursday, 28 October 2010

Half Term Haul

It's half term this week so me and my mum decided to hop on a train today to the nearest shopping centre to check out the fuss about Primark. Apart from the epic journey, copious amounts of walking and dent in my car fund (oops!) I ended up with these goodies!

Ankle Boots, New Look. £34.99, they're actually dark brown and lovely! I've been lusting after these for weeks and decided to finally give in!
Primark Skinny Jeans - £8Primark Coat - £17 - Bargain!
Chunky knit cardigan, Primark £10
Fluffy Jumper with button detail - £4
Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo - £2.99, staple product!
Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle polish £4.99, I can't wait to do a bit of DIY art on my nails.
Nivea Essential Care Stick - £1.99, I love these!
Bourjous Liquid Liner - £6.99
NYC Natural Matte Foundation - £2.99, I always have a cheapy on standby to lighten foundations with are too dark for me.
Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation - £12.99
Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream (Reminds me of Mac Strobe Cream)
2 for £3
Primark Face Wipes, 2 for £1.
I go through these so quickly, they're so handy to take when you stay at someone elses house or after a drunken night out!
Primark Eyeshadow Palette £2
Butterfly earings £2 these are soo cute!
Lashes 2 for £2.99

7 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. OMG I love those boots! :)

  2. great haul! i love chunky knit cardis :) xxx

  3. Them boots are LOVELY!!! and i adore the cardigan :)

  4. Omg i have those boots from newlook in black aswell! absolutely ADORE them! and there really comfy despite the how high they look :)
    Love the blog! <3
    Chanel xoxo

  5. I have wanted those boots for so long! I think I will get them with my birthday money. Hopefully.


  6. Love the boots! I soooo wanted them when i saw them at new look!


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