Saturday, 30 October 2010

Current Favourites

Nivea Essential Care Chapstick's are available in most stores, £1.99 and they're the best I've used so far! I always get chapped lips in winter so I always carry one in my bag it leaves your lips feeling moisturised and nourished rather than a greasy film.

Illamasqua Katie, £16 has become a new favourite and I use it daily, it's a gorgeous light pink flush that brightens up your face.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation, £12.99. I've re-purchased this three times already, it's a cream to liquid foundation that blends effortlessly into the skin and gives good coverage. I've tried a few shades and none have appeared even the slightest bit orange, they're all very natural colours which I find a rarity. I use this as an eye base, foundation and to blank out my lips because it never looks cakey!

Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle, £4.99 this is a new find and I adore it. The glitter makes me feel all christmassy!

Maybelline Pure Liquid Minerals Foundation, £7.99 whenever I want a lighter coverage foundation I always go for this. I've used it for years and it comes in a great variety of shades, has a beautiful finish and isn't too damaging on the bank balance!

Bourjous 16 hour Liquid Liner, £6. This has replaced my Loreal Super Liner which I loved. The tiny brush allows me to do really thin lines and control the size of the flicks when I do my eyeliner, plus it doesn't budge!

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  1. love your faves! i get bad dry lips too, not a good look! ):

  2. lol, I own and love everything here except for the Andrea Fullerton Stripe and Sparkle! So obviously I think they're all great choices! My only complaint about the miracle touch is that it doesnt last long enough on my skin :)

  3. @Irene - Haha I know, I always get them in winter! So annoying x

    @Kellie - :) thanks for commenting! x

    @All Made Up - Yeah I find that too, I either have to apply a bit of it over another foundation, use it for touch ups during the day or reapply because it's so creamy it disappears throughout the day! x

  4. Hey!

    I've awarded you an award on my blog

    Terri, xoxo


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