Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Two New Loves from The Body Shop.

I don't very often find myself in the Body Shop - not because I don't like the stores, they're always well stocked, inviting and have friendly staff, but because I already have an indecent amount of body butters, scrubs and mists to use up. I did however pop in to my local Body Shop the other day though for one reason only. The newly released Vineyard Peach Body Mist. I previously brought the Vineyard Peach body butter and absolutely adore the scent so I couldn't resist the body mist to accompany it. At £7.50 for 100ml I think these are a great alternative to perfume and they're affordable. I even managed to get my 10% loyalty discount and a free bottle as they were on offer so I have a back up!
The scent is light, fruity and sweet and I'm obsessed, obviously a large glass bottle isn't ideal for travelling but I've had no problems carrying this around in my bag. You'll find that the fragrance does wear off after 5 - 6 hours but a few sprays to top up is all that's needed. This scent reminds me of holidays and peach smints.. if anyone remembers them?!
I also couldn't resist purchasing the new Vitamin E Overnight Serum which retails for £11. The price tag is the main reason I opted for this as I was lusting after the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for the longest time but couldn't bring myself to pay out near £50 for a serum. I'd seen the Body Shop version on Instagram and blogs and also got a discount on this also which means it worked out at under £10. I've used this for the past few weeks and really love this product. There's a twist off top that reveals a dropper so you can dispense the amount of product you want in your hands. I spread a pea sized amount over my face and instantly my skin feels nourished and I can almost hear my face sigh with relief at a well needed boost of moisture. I don't find this greasy or uncomfortable and it works nicely with my oily/combination skin - in the morning you wake to plump, soft skin that looks well rested. I've also found any drier, flaky patches have been less visible since using this.

These are my latest favourites from the Body Shop, have you brought anything from there recently?

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  1. I have already tried the Body Mists and absolutely adored them. I have wanted to try the overnight oil for ages but I need to wait for my current oil to run out first.

  2. Thats exactly why I haven't been to TBS in such a long time! Have too much stuff already to use up! Making a mental note of these two! :-)

    Makeup revisited FOTD | TheConscienceFund

  3. I'm completely loving this serum in oil, I also pick dup the Camomile cleansing oil…it removes makeup so well and is super gentle to use on eyes..worth picking up


  4. I recently picked up a body lotion and shower gel from the Vineyard Peach range, I wish I had got the body mist too now!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  5. I went through this whole peach body mist within one month, now I am loving the shea one, both smell really good though. I like TBS for my body a lot / claire xxx

  6. I love the body mists but haven't smelled the Vineyard Peach scent so will definitely have to pop in to a body shop soon! x

  7. I love the body shops range, I never find myself going there though, I don't know why. Their Vitamin E range is one of my favourites, I have tried most of this range apart from this serum. KBxx


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