Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sharing The LOVE - Bloggers. Youtube.

These are the ladies I'm loving at the moment, there's a mix of Blogs and Youtube channels and these are my most visited over the last few months!

Liana Beauty - Amelias blog is one of all time favourites, she features the latest lust worthy beauty releases, has flawless taste and I can always rely on her recommendations. If the girl says it's good, it's good. She's got hair to die for and her Youtube channel is another of my most recent obsessions, most adorable laugh ever or what!?

Byootee - Harriet is a 20 year old make up artist that writes about all of her current favourite products  and shares her latest make up looks with a product list so you can recreate it too!
 SweetHeartSweetMind - Laura's a 21 year old student who loves everything beauty and fashion related. She's a glamorous girl with luscious locks and fierce nails. 

I Covet Thee - Alix has an amazing blog and YouTube channel. She's really well informed on skin care, beauty and how to apply products. Her blog photos are near perfection, to scroll through all her posts is a treat.

Bird's Word - Beth is another big haired beauty. I love her reviews and favourite posts, her photos are really lovely and her swatches are super helpful to see how the products apply on the skin.

Couture Girl - As if you didn't know Kayleigh already. This blonde haired beauty has taken the blogging world by storm. I adore her outit posts and her reviews, she's got variety, quality and she's dedicated to making sure her readers feel involved.

Belles Boutique - Yummy Mummy in the making Laura has an amazing beauty blog called Belles Boutique which I've followed for ages now. My favourite post? Her contour and higlighting explained with ease. She's a brunette, nude lip loving, bronzed beauty and her blog is well worth a read.

Em Talks - Em is a beauty lover with a passion for fashion, food and everything fabulous. She has great gift guides, restaurant reviews and beauty posts - a fab mix and a great read for everyone.

 Abigail Weightman - Abi is a waitress where I work and has recently started her own beauty blog. She's an 18 year old aspiring make up artist who's recently got her hands on a Canon EOS M and can't wait to get blogging her beauty faves. She'd love your support along the way!

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  1. Aw Lisa you gem! Thanks so much for including me - I'm sure you already know your blog is one of my faves too! I've not read some of the ones you've mentioned here so I'll have to go and check them out :) x x x

    1. Aw thanks! And you're welcome I'm so happy to have been following your blog from the start and been able to see it grow! It'll always be a favourite of mine :) I hope you like some of the others I've mentioned! xx

  2. this is so so lovely, thank you so much for this, cant wait to check out some of the other girls you've mentioned too. You've brightened up my day! So kind of you xxxx

    1. You're welcome! Everyone needs to know about your blog, it's amazing and it has everything! xxx


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