Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Recently Soap & Glory branched out into cosmetics and released a line of products, hoping to continue their success in a new area of the beauty industry. Curious, I dropped into Boots a few weeks ago to peruse their counter, which is very eye catching, and choose a few products to try out. I settled on the Smoulder Kohl SuperBlack pencil £5.00 (review to come), and the Kick Ass Concealer in Medium, priced at £10.00.
The cardboard packaging is very sweet and appealing and the actual product packaging isn't bad either, everything inside feels secure, the consumer is told what each product is for and it's compact.
This concealer has three steps to it.
Step 1 - Under eye brightening concealer. 2.96g
Step 1 is quite a neutral shade, with a slightly yellow undertone. The consistency is almost mousse like and much more creamy than I expected which made it easy to blend.
Step 2 - Superwear face concealer. 2.9g
Step 2 has a peach undertone and while still creamy, it's not as soft as step 1 making it easier to pat on to problem areas.
Step 3 - Concealer sealing powder. 2.5g
Step 3 is a white, finely milled translucent powder for setting the concealers, it also comes with a small powder puff for on the go application.

I really liked the idea of everything you need for concealing in one, compact product and if I'm on the go I'll definitely keep this popped into my handbag for touch ups. Other than that I probably wont get much use out of either of the concealers because although easy to blend, I didn't find they properly set so my mascara transferred underneath my eyes a lot. I also found that the under eye concealer moved about quite a bit, settled into fine lines - even with the powder, and looked really cakey. Ick!
Would I repuchase?
No, but I did find that the powder worked really well with the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer so I'll use it until that runs out.

Where can you find this? Boots

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  1. Lovely review, this is certainly overpriced at £10!

  2. I'm looking forward to the eye liner review! It's a shame about the concealer - it's horrible when it settles into fine lines and accentuates them! xxx

  3. Great review, it's a bummer that it doesn't settle well!


  4. I love the packaging! I'm so tempted to buy the whole range because of that. I've done a few swatches in Boots but I haven't been that impressed with anything. xx

  5. @Holly Arabella - I didn't think the price was too bad, considering the packaging and what's inside but it's quite a small amount of product and didn't work for me, so a waste of £10! :( x

    @Glimmer and Glow - I know, I didn't even realise I had so many little lines I feel ten years older when I have this on haha. The Kohl liner is really good, so that review will be positive at least! x

    @Savannah - Thank you! Yeah, bit disappointing because it looked quite good x

    @Grace - They do have very cute packaging! The Kohl liner and the nude eyeshadow quad are worth the money, but I'm not keen on anything else from their range. x

  6. I bought this last week and have been loving it, if I don't apply my eye cream then it settles in my fine lines too but as long I use my eye cream it works much better xx

  7. great review :) love the packaging!

  8. This is not in Canada they have a shade for darker skin tones?

  9. Great review. This looks like a great concealer.

  10. Doh I was really hoping this would be a winner but it sounds like Bobbi Brown's concealer to me! That stuff would not stay still on my face! The hunt goes on..
    I also have Painterly from your previous post and I LOVE it! I managed to find it in a CCO for a couple of £ lower than normal, I doubt I'd have bought it otherwise but I'm so glad I did. When I'm being a lazy bitch (always) its perfect to slap on and go! xx


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