Saturday, 18 April 2015

Well Loved Products.

To start off my recently loved products, I need to give Sienna X a mention - they recently sent me their Q10 Bronzing Mousse, which I'm overdue to do a review on and I've absolutely fallen in love. It's not overwhelmingly dark when you first apply it, it looks like milk chocolate but it smells incredible and blends like a dream. If you're a lover of fruity scents and a fake tan addict, you need to give this a try - it leaves you a really lovely, realistic colour and fades without patching. Base wise, I've returned to an old flame, Estee Lauder Double Wear, it stays put, looks flawless, covers all and doesn't leave me a greasy mess which is all I ask for in a foundation. Recently I've taken to mixing it in with a luminous base product for an added glow. To conceal I've been enjoying the Chanel Perfection Long Lasting Concealer. This stuff is amazing, it has an almost whipped texture which means it blends in to nothing whilst covering a multitude of sins - it doesn't settle in to any fine lines or cake up during the day. To set my base I've been loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix powder which is light and doesn't leave you looking overly matte.
When it comes to eyes, I never stray from my old faithful Mac Paintpot in Soft Ocre, it's just the best thing ever, if you don't have it - you need it. I've not been in to eyeshadow lately, instead opting for just a matte cream shade, which you can find absolutely everywhere. I still love my liquid liner, I've recently discovered Soap & Glory's Supercat Eyeliner Pen which is fool proof to use. For lashes, the latest mascara from Mayelline - the Lash Sensational is a big winner for me, it has a rubber wand with teeny tiny teeth that grab every lash and you can really build drama. It also doesn't smudge under the bottom lashes which is a common issue for me. I've returned to white eyeliner on the waterline, I use Mac's but you can pick them up from everywhere - this or light beige shade.
When it comes to finishing touches, I've fallen for the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit which I wasn't a fan of when I first got it. I now fully appreciate its worth, I see the light. I love the pale yellow for setting around the eyes, the shimmery shade for highlighting and a mix of all three contour shades to sculpt and add warmth around my temples, nose and cheeks. When it comes to lips, I still love a matte or satin finish - I'm not interested in a gloss. I absolutely adore Mac's Faux lipstick which is the perfect lip shade, sometimes I highlight the centre of my lip with Fleshpot too just to add dimension.

I also need to mention the Body Shop Body Sorbet moisturisers, they smell delicious, hydrate without the hideous sticky feeling and did I mention - they smell DELICIOUS?! I've also been loving DKNY's Dreamsicle perfume which is peachy, fruity goodness in a bottle - if you love sweet scents give this a try as it's limited edition. Other sweet smelling lovelies worth a mention are Nina Ricci's Les Delices de Nina perfume, which has the tackiest bottle but the most gorgeous scent, the latest Escada release, Turquoise Summer is also a winner.   
What've you been loving recently?

Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal review.

*Yves Rocher have been a well loved brand of mine for a while now. Their Sexy Pulp mascara has been a firm favourite ever since I discovered it through GlossyBox and their fragrances have been repurchases for years now. The brand recently contacted me about trying their latest skin care product, the Serum Vegetal line which has a Day and Night version. This product claims to help rebuild skin to regain plumpness, so I've been trialling it for the last few weeks so I can share with you my thoughts.
First impressions of the packaging is that it's simply done, but looks expensive and high quality. The base is made of glass which does dampen things if you travel often but to display in your bathroom - they're a winner. Upon reading the packaging, here are some of the claims it makes:
Even deep wrinkles are significantly corrected
Skin regains plumpness and appears firmer
Skin is hydrated throughout the day thanks to the product’s smoothing texture, which provides an excellent base for makeup. Plus with Plumping Night Care skin appears firmer and more toned when you wake up in the morning. Skin is intensely nourished thanks to the product’s corrective balm texture.
I've been using both as suggested, morning and night and there's definitely a difference between the two. As you'd probably imagine the Night serum has a thicker consistency and leaves your skin feeling completely nourished. It does leave a slightly oily residue on the skin, which I do find a little overwhelming for my oily/combination skin so I do have to use it sparingly. I do notice in the morning my skin looks rejuvenated and in better condition. The Day and Night serum both contain Mesembryanthemum crystallinum - they call it the Life Plant - which stimulates protein in the skin to combat wrinkles. For dual action they also add in Orzya, a botanical extract, that boosts skins radiance. There's a lot of Scientific long words behind all of it but basically, they're aiming to refresh, rehydrate and stimulate your skin. Prolonged use will ideally smooth the texture of your skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The packaging claims that this is a product that should be used by anyone over 25, I'm 24, close enough. I'm luckily without any noticeable wrinkles so far, apart from a stubborn line on my forehead from being a sarcastic, eyebrow raising teenager, and this hasn't vanished - although after a few weeks of using both products it wasn't as noticeable and my skin looks like it's been refreshed, plumped and hydrated. All a bonus in my book. I think ideally I'd have to get my mum to give these a good go to give proper results on the wrinkle reduction front - sorry mum, but if you're after preventative skin care or want a hydrating day and night serum - these are well worth a try. Plus they're currently on offer, together for £29, they both contain 30ml. If you're picky about scents, you can rest assured that these have a light, non offensive fragrance that you barely notice.
Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal offer - you also get a free gift when you place an order with Yves Rocher.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

DIY Baby Cake Smash Photo Shoot // All Pink Everything.

Last week I did a DIY Cake Smash Photo Shoot for my cousins baby - apparently its a new craze where you let your cute, beautifully dressed little baby destroy a pretty cake - and I thought it might be fun to share some of the photos. I've already shared a few images on my Instagram if you follow me, if not I'm over at - lisamichellexx. I was totally out of my element and had no idea how she'd behave, or how the photos would look at the end but amazingly she was incredibly happy to sit and pose and the pictures turned out pretty cute. I hope you all like the photos, I had so much fun setting it all up, taking the photos then editing them.
Backdrop: Available Here
Crepe Streamers: Available Here
I attached these in alternating colours on a thick piece of white rope.
Princess Canopy: Mine was from The Range but there's a similar version from Very
Hanging Pom Poms: Tutorial Here
White Furry Cushions: Amazon
Furry Blanket: Tesco
Fairy Lights: Amazon
Storage Suitcases: Similar Here

To take the photos I used one softbox light which I purchased off Ebay in a set of two, I also used a Canon 6OOD and a Canon EOS M and then edited the photos with IPiccy.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Library of Fragrance Scents. // If you like Pina Coladas..

  The Library of Fragrance scents in Pina Colada and Vanilla Cake Batter. 

Like most of my product discoveries, I stumbled across the brand The Library of Fragrance on Instagram. Quite often, when I'm bored or lacking in inspiration, I like to use the #bbloggers hashtag to search through photos of what everyone else is using/buying or what they're up to - anyone else do this? I spotted the Pina Colada scent and asked in the comments if it was worth picking up *yes, I'm that annoying girl on Instagram* and when they replied saying it was amazing, I had an instant - I need this in my life - moment and within minutes I was searching the web on my IPhone to find out where I could order it from. I think the brand is quite new to the UK and currently only available on their website and Boots. I opted for their official website, which did work out more expensive, purely because Boots don't currently stock their full range and the scents I wanted they didn't have. They have 90 fragrances on their website *swoon* ranging from the unique and bizarre - mushroom, pizza, pipe tobacco and play-doh to the delicious - strawberry ice cream, tangerine, vanilla cake batter, fresh coconut and marshmallow.

I picked up two fragrances, Pina Colada - a blend of Coconut Cream, Fresh Pineapple and Light Rum, and Vanilla Cake Batter - Sweet, Pure, Vanilla Indulgence. I'm definitely not a floral girl, my main aim in life is just to smell of candyfloss, baked goods or fruit and I can definitely achieve that with these products. The Library Of Fragrance scents are simply packaged in a clear glass bottle with a label that lists just the product name and scent, finished with a simple silver lid. The concentrated scents are the most impressive offering, as soon as you remove the lid you're hit with the fragrance. Pina Colada is, as you imagine, a fun, sweet scent that'll leave you smiling. It smells just like a pina colada tastes and you can almost imagine yourself on a beach, slathered in coconut scented sun cream, with a pina colada in hand.
Vanilla Cake Batter has a very sweet scent, that smells identical to vanilla essence, and as the title would suggest, cake batter. It's almost like Yankee Candles Vanilla Cupcake bottled in a fragrance. Need I say any more?

If you're ordering through their website, each fragrance will set you back £15, but for 30ml and being such good quality, I wouldn't think twice about ordering more, however if you're interested but not completely sold, they have 23 scents on offer in Boots - 2 for £25.

What's your current favourite fragrance, and are you also an Instagram addict like me?