Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My little slice of Heaven.

Recently I had a week off work and decided to put it to good use by rearranging my bedroom. I finally got rid of my hideous green 'feature wall' - awful idea, and turned everything bright white and more open plan. My bedroom is definitely lacking in space and on the small side but I try and make the best out of what I've got and keep things light and airy. I opted for large mirrors, sheer printed curtains, clean and bright walls, an open wardrobe and plenty of shelves to store all my well loved beauty products!
I wish I could show you everything but although my room looks a billion times better than it used to, it's not quite finished. I still have a few more bits to organise but I thought I'd show you my vanity/blogging area.
If you're working with a small space, on a low budget here are my top tips!
- use things you already own. you may have overlooked that old bedside table or worn wardrobe but sometimes a lick of paint can bring things back to life.
- have an idea in your head of what you want your room to look like, which colours you want to use and how much you're willing to spend.
- my favourite places to look for homeware are Next, H&M, The Range, TkMaxxx, Ebay and independant stores, charity shops can also hold some amazing treasures.
- mirrors instantly make rooms look bigger as they bounce light, I like to have a full length and a standard size mirror in my bedroom - think of the outfit selfies!
- artificial flowers brighten up your room and add a feminine touch without the mess and cost of having the real thing.
- candles, fairy lights and bedside lamps are great touches if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, I have fairy lights wound around my bed so at night I can switch my main light off, turn my fairy lights on and cosy up in a corner with my book or Netflix.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Confessing my love for Ardell Demi Wispies.

I'll admit, I don't wear false eyelashes often, purely because I only opt for the added touch of glamour on evenings out and I'm more of a, stay at home with a cup of tea watching Netflix kinda girl - please tell me I'm not the only one, I sometimes feel like it! On the rare wild night out though I always use the Ardell Demi Wispies. I love the added fullness and drama it provides along with the different looks you can achieve. I find the Ardell Demi Wispies add just the right amount of length and thickness unlike others I've tried that I felt looked unrealistic. They're £5.49 a set but they also provide you with a tube of adhesive which will last a few applications and I always re-use my lashes! I'll let the photos speak for themselves, I'm just in love with their wispy, feathered goodness.
Trim the lashes to fit your eyes, you want to look as though you natural have amazing eyelashes. I always use tweezers to apply lashes, it makes it so much easier to get close to your lash line without poking yourself in the eye. I also always opt for the Duo adhesive in 'clear' which makes sure those suckers wont move all night. I'm not sure if my next tip is recommended but I love to lightly apply mascara to blend in my real and false lashes and then go over the band with eyeliner again to make sure it's invisible!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Rimmel Brow This Way Gel. Dark Brown.

Rimmel Brow This Way Gel in Dark Brown - £3.99

I spotted this product recently on the Boots website and instantly added it to my basket. After the recent releases of the Benefit Gimme Brow and Anastasia Brow Pomades it seems that the trend is bigger, bulletproof eyebrows. For this, Cara Delivigne is definitely to thank as she brought back fuller, more prominent brows. I had high hopes for Rimmels offering and it didn't disappoint, so let me go in to more detail.

The Brow This Way gel comes in Blonde, Medium Brown and Dark Brown, as well as offering a clear version for those that just want to set their hairs in place. Similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow, as you run the brush through your eyebrows it deposits colour which makes things look more defined and fuller. It doesn't add fibres but it has pretty much the same effect. If you wanted a really intense look you could always use this layered over a brow pencil, or brow powder. The applicator is a little bulky, which might be a down side for those who are heavy handed but it does speed up the process. This brow gel is great for days when you want a one step product and at £3.99, it's an amazing bargain. The formula is also on point, it's lightweight and sets the hairs without feeling crispy or uncomfortable. The finish is matte, which is the only way to go for brows, in my opinion, as it gives a far more natural look.
If you've been wanting to try Benefits Gimme Brow this is a brilliant alternative, I'd struggle to choose my favourite.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Brakini - Tilly Sunburst Triangl Dupe.

I'm sure everyone's spotted the Triangl bikinis that have recently exploded on to social media outlets. For the past few weeks - months even, I've not been able to scroll down my Twitter or Instagram feed without spotting them and being filled with envy. The bikinis are made from Neoprene, a thick material also used to make wetsuits and come in beautifully bold colours and prints. I had looked in to purchasing a bikini from the company but combined with shipping it was just under £60. For a quality item, this isn't badly priced but, living in the UK - opportunities to wear bikinis are limited so it was more than I wanted to spend. Therefore, you can imagine my happiness when I spotted Claudia from BeautyandtheChic had posted a dupe on Instagram and blogged about where she got it from.
I was instantly online, ordering one for myself. I will admit, having not used the website before - I was a little wary, hence why I ordered the exact same version as Claudia. Now I've used it once and considering how happy I am with my bikini, I'll soon be buying the black fishnet bandeau and pink bottoms (Molly Rosewolf) set. Alike the Triangl bikini sets, mine came in a bag and each item was wrapped separately - they're also made from the same material and are identical to Triangl - from what I've seen on photos. The brand logo is printed on the bag along with a tiny tag on the bikini top, but it's almost unnoticeable. 
I purchased the bikini from Ali Express, which I'll link below. You can buy the bikinis separately or as a pair which works out slightly cheaper. They have other styles available so it's worth browsing the site until you've found what you want. I decided to buy the top and bottoms separately as Claudia recommended, as I differ in sizes. On top, I'm definitely lacking in the breast department so I went for an XS - equivalent to a UK size 8, on bottom I went for a M which is a UK 8-10.

Top - link
Bottom - link
Set - link
For the top and bottoms, along with shipping was £27 which is over half price, not bad ey? My parcel arrived in 8 working days which I thought was pretty damn good considering it's sent from abroad. I'm so happy with my Brakini, from the fit, to the quality and colour and I'm so excited to order another! If you want to look at Claudias blog post which includes a little more information and a load of lovely photos I'll link it below!
Claudias blog post on Brakini - Triangl Dupe.