Thursday, 19 January 2017

Benefit's Brow Collection


Benefit have always been a company that has been so generous towards me. They have always supplied me with their latest releases, so I could share them with you all and I am so grateful. Their new brow range landed at my family home in the UK and my mum forwarded them to me in Australia, so they've had a long journey, but I've finally got my hands on them and I've been trialling them the last few weeks.
The Ka-Brow, is an intensely pigmented brow pomade, then comes with a hidden, fine synthetic brush, to make it easy to fake those hair strokes. The pomade is creamy and pigmented, making it so easy to work with but it sets after a few minutes and stays in place all day long. I like to layer the Gimme Brow on top, to add some texture to my eyebrows. This has small fibres in that cling to your brow hairs and make them look thicker.
The Goof Proof brow pencil, has a spooly on one end, which is brow necessity, and a creamy pencil on the other, it's a little thicker than the one I usually use, but it makes it such a fast process doing your brows. I prefer to use this when I want natural, softer looking eyebrows. If you're a fan of finer pencils, they've recently released a Precisely My Brow eyebrow pencil with a finer tip.
 Browvo! Conditioning Eyebrow primer is the last of the products I was sent to try and this is almost like a brow gel. It sets hairs in place and works well with powder layered on top.

My top pick? The Ka-Brow eyebrow pomade which has a built in brush.

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  1. I love Benefit's brow collection! I use Gimme Brow all the time and I really want to try Ka-Brow x

    1. You need it, it's so good - really creamy and pigmented and then when it sets, it doesn't move and it has a built in synthetic brush. Amazing! xx


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