Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saving the $$$$

Since I'm a bit of shopaholic and love to abuse my credit card every time payday comes around I have ended up with a pretty decent collection of foundations laying about in my drawers. I find a new one, I love it until it gets replaced and rehomed in my make-up box. However, since I have just started up my driving lessons again (after having a meanie of an examiner 10 months ago and failing my test) the majority of my money is going towards my £21 an hour lessons - ouch. - so I can be one step closer to freedom. This now means that I'm having to limit the amount of money I spent on my beloved beauty products :'( but is also giving me a chance to use up all my half empty bottles of foundation and since I'm going to be rediscovering all of my beauties I thought I may aswell write up a new review each week giving you the low-down on whether they're worth buying.

So.. First up we have Benefit's PlayStick Foundati
on in Hide and Seek.
PACKAGING; The packaging is very sleek it comes in a tough durable tube that can easily be chucked in your bag at the last minute for touch ups.
COVERAGE; It's a pretty full coverage foundation I tested it out trying to cover my tattoo and it did a pretty decent job.
FINISH; It has a very matte finish so dewy skin fans steer clear.
PRICE; I purchased mine in New York last year but it's available on for £25.00 - pretty damn pricey!
WORTH PURCHASING? This would be a good option for those with very oily skin - any dryness and this will accentuate those areas and show up any flaking. If layered up too many time it can look cakey and settle into fine lines but if used sparingly with a sponge it gives a nice finish and good coverage. The colour range is a bit limited and 'Hide and Seek' is definately more well suited for those with yellow undertones. All in all I wouldnt repurchase however I'll use it up in times when I want someth
ing thicker.

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