Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Guest Post - Holly Arabella 'Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel Off Mask' Review

Montagne Jeunesse are a popular high street and online face mask and skincare brand, retailing naturally sourced and vegetarian-friendly products.
Peel off masks work by smoothing the mask across the skin, waiting for it to dry and then peeling away the dried mask from the skin, hopefully in one go. The 'Peel Off' range from Montagne Jeunesse consists of four peel off sachets and three 'tottles' - 80ml tubes of mask which you squeeze to dispense the product - scented of Passion Fruit, Cucumber, Lemon Zest, Green Tea and Tropical Fruits.
Having been previously impressed by the Passion Peel Off Mask from the 'Travel Pamper Pack', I was quick to pick up a few more masks from the peel off range.
The packaging of Montagne Jeunesse sachets is bright, fun and perhaps a little garish! Needless to say, it is practical and completely ideal for travel; I love bringing these sachets with me to girly nights in. Simply tear across the top of the packet and squeeze the mask formula onto your finger, then smooth across your face.
The formula of the peel off masks is similar across the whole range, it has a thick but easily applied gel consistency which dries tightly against the skin (but not uncomfortably so) to a film, which peels away with ease.
'Cucumber' is a mask from the range available as a sachet and a tottle, it has a surprisingly gentle scent of cucumber which is accompanied by a zingy undertone, it's a very refreshing scent and I agree it is a little de-stressing too!
Peel off masks are quickly becoming my favourite kind of mask, I like to leave mine on for around fifteen minutes before peeling away. I have combination skin, so these masks work perfectly for me no matter how my skin is behaving - on an 'oily skin' day they peel away all traces of oiliness and even some blackheads leaving me with matte skin ready for moisturiser, on a dry skin day they remove dry patches instantly and smooth out rough areas. The results are so impressive for such a budget brand, you can actually see the results on the peeled away mask!

Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Masks retail for £1.09 per sachet, or £5 per 80ml tottle from Montagne Jeunesse stockists such as Boots, Wilkinsons, Superdrug, and Montagne Jeunesse online. 
 Best wishes, Holly Arabella

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  1. So glad to see another fan of this mask. I use it once in a while. Our local drugstore is a carrier. It feels wonderful.

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  2. I love this face mask! Reminds me when I was in my teens, I always used it and I still do! :)


  3. I've never tried a peel off one! They look really fun!


  4. Haha! The end of this post is my email signature, oops! Thanks for posting this Lisa xx

    1. Whoops, haha! I'll take the 'Best Wishes' part off but leave the links back :) no problem! :) x

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