Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sleek 'Blush By 3' Palette - Lace

Available in Superdrug or from the Sleek website.
Comes in 5 colour combinations; Flame, Lace, Pink Spirit, Pumpkin, Sugar

Recently the Sleek website was offering 20% off all orders in celebration of their new website design and not wanting to miss out I placed an order and brought lots of goodies that I'd been eying up for a while - haul to follow soon.
I'd been wanting to try a Blush by 3 palette for quite a while after seeing them featured over a huge selection of blogs so I decided to pop 'Lace' in to my basket and I'm very happy I did. For just £10 you get three beautiful blushes, all intensely pigmented with a nice variety of finishes as there's two matte shades and one shimmer. The blush palettes come in a stylish black compact with a large mirror and the name of each shade printed clearly on the back. All three blushes have a lovely texture and blend easily in to the skin, adding a beautiful flush of colour to the cheeks.
I was holding the palette upside down for the photographs below as to avoid the dreaded mirror flashback, so please excuse the colours being in a different order to the photo above!
Crochet - Vivid deep, matte orange.
Guipure - Apparently a dupe for Nars 'Orgasm' gorgeous peachy pink with golden shimmer.
Chantilly - Matte peachy coral.
I adore all three colours in this palette as they're all completely different from what I'd normally go for. The pigmentation is amazing, you need the smallest amount on your brush meaning this will no doubt last me months and months! I'd happily purchase another and I've already got my eye on 'Flame' and 'Pink Spirit'. 

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  1. This has been on my wishlist for AGES!!! I went to a Superdrug near me about 2 weeks ago but they didn't sell any of the blush by 3 trios, devastated. I'm gonna place an online order on payday as there's a few Sleek things I want :), looks beautiful.


  2. Wow, this blush palette looks gorgeous. xx

  3. I need this! Looks amazing, I love Sleek blushes. http://trappedinafashionparadise.blogspot.co.uk xx

  4. So pretty! These look so pigmented, & you're right - the middle color does look like NARS Orgasm! Great review, girl :)

  5. The colours are a bit too bold for me personally but they look gorgeous and what fantastic value for money :)


  6. I've wanted this for so long, but they didn't have it in my Superdrug so I need to get around to doing an online order!



  7. thats gorgeous, I've had my eye on it for a while. I really want to try one of the Blush by 3 Sleek palettes but they're always sold out every time I remember to check

  8. Love the colours of this set, they're so cute!

    Lana, xo

  9. these shades look really great, I have never tried any of the sleek blushes yet ! xx

  10. I have this palette and it is so so so lovely!! I love Guipure!! So pretty!! Xx.

  11. I love the look of this I just never get round to getting it xx

  12. I love these palettes , I have flame and sugar! Such great blushes!! Xx


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