Sunday, 20 January 2013

Clynol Precious Oil

*Clynol Precious Oil, £15.45
'Glow precious oil for a groundbreaking way to repair and gloss - weightlessly! Formulated with Marula oil, it targets damage to transform dull and lifeless hair in to beautifully soft, smooth and shiny hair. For all hair types.'
Hair oils have recently become a firm fixture in my haircare routine. Not only do they smooth down flyaways, they add shine and help protect damaged hair. The latest I've tried is the Clynol Precious Oil which is formulated with Marula oil which google tells me is extracted from the kernals of a Marula tree, contains Oleic acid and has moisturising properties.
My hair is quite fine and I find it tends to get quite dry on the ends so lightweight oils like this are ideal, they don't weigh the hair down - just add extra moisture, shine and definition. I tend to use this either when my hair is wet through the mid lengths and ends or once it's dry and styled just on the ends of the hair or where needed for a polished finish. I have pretty long hair and only need to use half a pump per application, meaning these oils last ages!
Although I don't believe these type of products can really repair hair, I do think they add necessary moisture to nourish the hair over time and improve the strength and condition.

What's your favourite hair oil?

16 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. I have fine long hair too and struggle finding lightweight oils. I haven't previously heard of this brand before so I might have to give it a go!x

  2. I love Morrocan Oil but this does sound lush! x

  3. I really want to try this!! My hair needs taming! x

  4. I love your blog, new follower! :)

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award!! Check out the newest post on my blog for all the details :)

  6. I can't go without hair oils any more as they're so good for putting life back into dry damaged hair and this one looks gorgeous! xxx

  7. This looks good! I like L'Oreal's oil and have also heard great things about Moroccan Oil. I also like Macadamia Oil for my hair. It helped when my hair was bleach blonde.

    I love your blog btw- now following :) x x

  8. Found your blog through #fbloggers and its really cute! I really like Argan Oil and the one from Primark is a bargain and last so long considering its size!

    Beki x

  9. So happy I found your blog, it's adorbs!! I have never heard of this oil before, but it sounds amazing. My personal favorite is the Moroccan oil. xx

  10. I love using oils on my hair so will have to give this a go, looks lovely xxx

  11. Really want to try this!

    A little bit Unique


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  12. I love hair oils. I use Avon's Moroccan oil in mine maybe twice a week since I am quite lucky to have good quality hair.

    Lindsey. x

  13. I currently switch between Macadamia oil and Nuxe's oil. This sounds really good though since I also have fine hair.

  14. I love hair oils, my favourite is macademia :)

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