Friday, 21 August 2015

I made it to AUSTRALIA!

  After weeks of nervously planning to make the move to Australia - from quitting my long term job, applying for a working holiday visa (with the help of my boyfriend Adam and friend Jasper, as I was clueless!), selling my car and possesions and save money, while saying goodbye to all of my loves from home, it was finally time to leave England, to make the long journey to Australia. My lovely friend Charlotte drove us to the airport, we flew from London to Singapore, Singapore to Brisbane, then got picked up by my boyfriends parents and driven to Byron Bay.
Everything is so new to me! I can't believe that a 10 minute walk from my boyfriends parents home, is a beach with white sand, blue seas and such beautiful views and I couldn't resist quickly posting some quick snaps to share what I've experienced today. Adam is loving me showing me around Byron and I have plans to buy a bicycle ASAP so we can go on cute bike rides together and enjoy the laid back lifestyle here!


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