Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Budget Beauty // Face of Australia

 I know, you can't get hold of Face of Australia the UK, I promise I'll get back to reviewing products that are available worldwide soon enough but I couldn't bypass shining a little spotlight on the brand Face of Australia. I recently picked up a few of their products from Priceline, some I wasn't a fan of, two that I love and they're so cheap I can't not tell you about them. 
 The first is their powder blush in Nutmeg, this comes in pan form and it's just $9.45 - it's a warm coral shade with shimmer, that looks very similar to Coralista from Benefit. It's a little less pink toned and not quite as overwhelmingly shimmery on the cheeks, which for some people be a plus. It's a finely milled powder, buttery and blends beautifully on the cheeks leaving you with a hint of colour and a healthy glow. It's not intensely pigmented, but I do like that you can build it up to the finish you want.

The Brow Sculpting Gel I picked up in the shade Light/Medium, which is ideal for my newly lightened hair. This is really similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow, it has tiny fibres in it and it's a pigmented gel so as you brush through your brows it adds colour and fullness. This didn't leave the dreaded crispy finish that some brow gels can offer, instead it just makes you look like you've got naturally bomb eyebrows which is all I want and it's only $9.95.
Have you found any budget beauty products recently that you love?

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