Friday, 23 July 2010

Window Shopping.

I am so gutted right now that for the next two months I will probabably have £0 to spend on clothing or cosmetics, especially as Topshops new line's just come out and all of these beauties have caught my eye!
The dress would be perfect for a night out with some black ankle boots, basic cropped blazers go with pretty much everthing and the white chunky knit sweather would be perrrfect for winter with some skinny jeans and uggs on a casual college day (I know, thinking a bit ahead am i the only one who misses my ugg boots..?!)
Go check out Topshop I have no doubt that quite a few of their pieces will sell out quickly.
:( !!!

2 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. I love the blazer, the boots, and the dress! Don't feel bad about not being able to buy anything, I'm in the same boat. I am trying to hold off so I can buy some stuff (makeup/clothing/shoes) when back to school comes around in a mere 4 weeks! And I love the banner, so cute!




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