Monday, 9 May 2011

Hairaisers Pink Label Extensions

A few weeks back I was sent some hair extensions to trial out and give my thoughts on. Having never tried extensions before, as you can imagine I was incredibly excited and couldn't wait to see what they looked like! Now as some of you may know I have pretty long hair so I wasn't looking for any added length. What I wanted to achieve with extensions was volume and thickness. My hair is quite fine and even though there's a lot of it, it's never been as thick as I've wanted it.

I was sent the 18 inch, shade 4 - Pink Label Extensions which include 3x 3 clip pieces and 1x 2 clip piece.
These exentions are 100% human hair, european type double weft, have a high percentage of remy hair blend and are available in different lengths and a variety of colours! The colour is a perfect match for my hair, which is currently (if you're interested) Medium Brown - Perfect 10.

Getting the extensions in and out was far easier than I imagined. Simply take a straight section of hair, lightly backcomb the hair at the root and clip in. They felt completely comfortable in my hair, didn't tug or cause me any pain. The clips have rubber grips which add extra security and mean you run no risk of your extensions flying out if you get a bit too enthusiastic with the dance moves on a night out.

(Left - Au Natural - ick my hair looks terrible here, it wasn't all thrown behind me sorry!
Right - With 3 sets of extensions in. Hello thick lucious hair!)

The extensions themselves have a lovely healthy sheen to them, can be straightened, curled, crimped, plaited - anything you would do to your natural hair but also need to be maintained with a simple wash with shampoo and conditioner every now and then depending on how reguarly you use them.

Overall I've been incredibly impressed, you recieve a good amount of hair, they look natural and they're a great colour match. I've already caught my mum sneakily curling them and adding them to her hair when she thinks I'm not around so if it gets the seal of approval from her, I know the product is good as she's notoriously picky - about everything.

If you're interested in finding out prices or just want to ask about the colour range, how much hair you recieve. etc go ahead and visit the 'Contact' section of their website.

8 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. They look good :]your hair is lovely! x

  2. @Jenny - Thank you :) It looks horrible in that photo! haha x

  3. Can definitely notice the difference!

    Great review :) You have lovely hair by the way!


  4. Really love the extensions, they are wonderful :D

    I'm having a Tuesday Beauty Blog Hop to connect the beauty blogger community! Hope you can check it out :)


  5. you have gorgeous hair with and without the extensions!!

    Helen, X

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