Monday, 16 May 2011

New CID Cosmetics

I was recently given the oppertunity to choose a few products from New CID Cosmetics to have a play about with, two things instantly caught my eye and here they are..

I-Pout in 'Scarlet'

There are so many great features in this product, to start there's a little built in mirror on the side of the case for touch up's and the button on the base switches on an LED light making it possible to apply whenever you need to. For me, this is a huge plus. On numerous occassions a last minute decision to go out has left me unprepared and applying last minute touch ups to my make-up on route to town. Now I'm not sure how many of you have ever attempted to apply make-up in the dark but it is almost impossible. Especially if like me, you suddenly come to the realisation that 'red lipstick would be a great idea right now' and try to pop it on in the dark. I will say no more as you can imagine, the result is always bad. Very bad. This is where this product would of come in incredibly handy as well as for touch up's during the night instead of rushing off to the bathroom.
The lipstick itself is a gorgeous classic 'Hollywood Starlet' shade of red that everyone needs at least one of in their collection. This can be applied lightly for a 'just bitten cherry' effect or with a slightly heavier hand for a full on red lip. The formula is incredibly moisturising, ensuring lips stay glossy and luscious looking all through the night.

Applied lightly

I-Glow in 'Coral Rush' £24.00 for 9g's

The I-Glow is a gorgeous marbelised baked powder in a coral/pink with gold veins running through. This makes both a gorgeous blush or highlight shade as it has has a beautiful, luminous finish that reflects light, brightening up your face.
As well as getting a whopping 9g's of product (in comparison to Mac's baked blush 3.5g for £17.50) there's also a giant mirror and sleek, secure packaging to keep the product in place. The I-Glow powder is also intensely pigmented, the swatch below was just one swipe of the product so no doubt this will last me a very long time as you only need a light hand. Along with Elf's 'Candid Coral' and this has become another firm favourite for Summer. I've tried this on my mum, best friend and myself and we vary from lily white, fake tanned, to naturally olive skinned and it suits us all! This makes a very versitile product as I've also used it as an eyeshadow, or as a highlight in the inner corner.

Feel free to have a browse of their website they have some amazing products in gorgeous colours!

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  1. That I-Glow is beautiful, I used New CID's eyebrow groomer/pencil for a few years before I started using eyeshadow!xx

  2. The light idea is good, I have never tried to put make up on in the dark cos I know I would end up looking like a clown!! That lipstick looks amazinggg! I really want a red lipstick, I'd be too scared to wear it out but I just need one in my collection :)! xxx

  3. I tested their I-Blush recently and didn't really get on with it that well.
    But it's growing on me - I've been using the blush every day.

    I love the look of that lipstick. Gorgeous, gorgeous red (and your lips look really nice :-))


  4. Both of these look so lovely, I've wanted to try some CID myself for a while so I'm really tempted to get the I-Glow now after seeing your swatch. The scarlet lipstick looks amazing on you but then you always seem to make lipsticks look good, I'm jealous!

  5. @Lauren Rose - I really want to try out the eyebrow groomer! x

    @Katie - I always seem to think its a great idea after a few drinks haha you should definately get a red lipstick, I have no doubt it would look gorgeous on you! :) xx

    @Miss A - Which shade did you get it in? Thank You! :) xx

    @Rachel - The I-Glow is gorgeous I really want to try the other two shades as well! Aw, thanks! And to think I used to hate my lips lol xx

  6. Um, I wrote a review on my blog - not sure if there are different shades, thought there was only one (it's called I-Blush).
    It's a blush & highlighter - 2in1. A very pigmented dark pinkish blush and as for the highlighter.. I'm rubbish at applying it! :-(


  7. The I-Glow in 'Coral Rush' looks beautiful! Would love to try it out!;)

    xo -Mallory

  8. The I-Glow looks gorgeous. I want it! xx


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