Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Anastasia by Beverley Hills!

I've never been entirely happy with my eyebrows. Through senior school my eyebrows were quite unruly, half moons that were dangerously close to uni brow territory until my friend got her tweezer happy hands on them. As you can imagine two giggling fourteen year old girls, armed with sharp tweezers, an eyebrow razor and hyped up on sugar - it was never going to end well. I ended up with very thin brows that I, for some reason attempted to maintain for a few years until the 'bushy brow' craze came around and my perception of eyebrow beauty changed. I now wanted full, thick brows and as I had plucked away the majority of my natural shape I decided eyebrow pencil was the way to go. Skip through a year or two of college, sporting over-drawn *cringe* too dark, bordering on clown-like brows I then decided I needed to tone things down slightly. Nowadays I use a powder to draw in my eyebrows and ATTEMPT to make them as natural as possible but I'm still not 100% happy with the result. Which is why when I heard the celebrity eyebrow groomer extraordinaire Anastasia was releasing her own line of products, including a brow kit I jumped at the chance to trial it out. Within the next few weeks I'll be popping up a review!

The Beauty Express Eyebrow Kit comes in two shades, blonde and brunette and inside you get two shadows, an eyebrow wax, a highlighting powder, stencils and a slanted eyebrow brush. As well as brow products, there are plenty of other products in the make-up line, here's a few examples as well as a video featuring Anastasia herself using the brow kit!

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  1. I LOVE Anastasia!!! I have a pair of her tweezers!! She's such an artist!!

    XOXO, CC




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