Wednesday, 3 August 2011

NYX Rouge Cream Blush 'Glow' & 'Rose Petal'

Sorry to bombard you all with post upon post featuring NYX cosmetics but I promise these are the last products to show off from my CherryCulture 'Haul'.
At $4.75 these only cost me about £2.90 each - I know, bargain!
I'd had my eye on 'Boho Chic' for the longest time so when I found out it was out of stock I was slightly gutted and opted for 'Rose Petal' and 'Glow' instead. Of course I instantly compared these to my Mac blushcreme in 'LadyBlush', both are highly pigmented, creamy, easy to blend and have a dewy finish. The Mac blushcreme's have slightly more product (2.5g more) but that's reflected in the price, and the packaging is very similar except Mac is sturdier and more expensive looking. The consistency is pretty much identical, if anything I'd say Mac 'LadyBlush' is slightly tacky on application.
The only real difference between the NYX and Mac cream blushers is the price, at £17 Mac is a nice luxury item but if you've looking for a cheaper alternative the NYX cream blushers are just as good!

Rose Petal is a gorgeous, very flattering cool toned pink shade which is a very close match to 'ladyblush
Glow is a true deep pink, that reminds me of the classic 'English Rose' look

Topshop 'Flush', NYX 'Rose Petal', NYX 'Glow', Mac 'LadyBlush

14 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. Rose Petal looks gorgeous! xx

  2. I love LadyBlush, it's one of my all time favourite blushers. I'm always open to new cream blushers though and at £2.90 it would be rude not to! Rose petal is amazing looking!


  3. They look absolutely gorgeous! + Cream blushes are my fave xxx

  4. I bought Glow recently! I think it was your blog post a while back about your NYX haul which inspired me to go and make a cherryculture order! I love the look of Rose Petal.xx

  5. @Leticia - They're really pretty :) x

    @Jessica - It's a really lovely colour, thanks for commenting :) xx

    @Sarah - Mine too! What others have you tried? x

    @Phillie Parsons - They're really good products for the price! x

    @Stacey - Oh really? What goodies did you get? :) I hope your liked everything you ordered! x

  6. Rose Petal looks gorgeous! I definitely need to do some NYX haulin' at some point :)

  7. Wow! Rose Petal looks amazing! So now i want it so so so much :)

  8. rose petal is pretty!..need to try out the cream blushes.

  9. These are gorgeous! And that price....!! xx

  10. Ahhhh, I really wish I could wear cream blushes but for some reason it's the ONE product that's guaranteed to break me out. No bueno since these are so gorgeous.

  11. Great review- I have had my eyes on these forever. Glow looks so lovely!

  12. These look beautiful, I love the colour 'rose petal' I dont seem to be able to find NYX products anywhere near me, so it looks like an online buy for me :)

  13. I love both of them! Brilliant picks.
    Did you know that NYX is available now in the uk? Only on the website but they are trying to get it into shops.
    Gosh also released very good cream blushes. I recommend the peach one it's sooo pretty and it dries a bit matte.


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