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Benefit Skincare Sample Kit Review

A little while back I ordered the Benefit Skincare Sample Set from Asos, this cost me just £10 and came with 6 miniature (very cutely packaged) samples. The products you get to try are the Total Moisture Facial Cream, It's Potent Eye Cream (bottom row), Triple Performance Facial Emulsion, Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, Refined Finish Skin Polish and Foamingly Clean Facial Wash.
Having never tried anything from the Benefit Skincare line I was excited to try these out, but remained at the same time sceptical - I'm not very in to skincare so I'll rarely ever rush out and buy an expensive moisturiser or toner, etc. In all honesty my 'skincare routine' for the past four years has probably consisted of a quick removal of make-up with a Simple remover wipe before bed and a slap dash application of whatever moisturiser I have in closest reach. All I can say in my defence is that my mum never had much of an interest in any beauty products and therefore passed down her lazy approach to skincare to me.. 'like mother, like daughter'.
The reason for my mini life story is basically to say that it is extremely rare for me to rate a skincare product as anything other than just 'ok' and I've never been convinced enough to go out and purchase pricey face products, which is why I was baffled when I found myself loving - almost all, of the Benefit range.

Total Moisture Facial Cream, £26.50 - This was one of my favourites from the set. The consistency is a bit odd, it's very thick and feels almost like a gel when you scoop it out the pot but it blends in a dream. I used this at night as my skin is FAR too oily for a thick cream during the day and by morning my skin was nourished and baby soft. I felt like after using this my skin was plumper and looked in better condition, it's just a really, really lovely product and I was genuinely gutted when the sample ran out. I plan on getting the full size next month.

It's Potent Eye Cream, £23.50 - This product claims to help fade dark circles and smooth fine lines for brighter, firmer under eyes. I'd definitely say I have bags - my nickname by my boyfriend being 'the night owl' as I rarely fall asleep before 2/3am - but I've never suffered from dark shadows under my eyes so I can't comment on whether it would fade dark circles. I found this had a nice consistency and felt refreshing to apply but it stings like a mutha@*! if you dab it too close and get a bit in your eye. I didn't notice much difference so probably wouldn't re-purchase this one!

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash, £16.50 - This has a lovely consistency also, thick but still easy to apply and creamy. It didn't sting if you got it in your eyes, it does a pretty decent job of removing make-up and feels really lovely to apply. I liked this, but not as much as my current favourite NuBo cleanser.

Refined Finish Facial Polish, £17.50 - I love, love, love this. I find that most facial scrubs I buy end up chucked in the bin after a few tries, I like scrubs with lots of little beads/abrasive bits in that give your skin a proper exfoliation and this one does exactly that. I actually felt like this gave me skin a thorough clean and afterwards any dry or flaky patches were vanished. I'm definitely grabbing a tube of this next time I'm in town!

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, £19.50 - This is the moisturiser in the range aimed at us oily skinned girls. It does a good job of adding a bit of moisture to the skin whilst still managing to feel light, refreshing and sink in quickly. I quite liked this for everyday use as it left me with a smooth base for make-up so I'd definitely consider buying the full size for Summer.

Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, £23.50 - This is a really lovely toner. I found this really refreshing to use at night after removing my make-up just to freshen up my skin and make sure it was completely clean. This felt really gentle on my skin and didn't leave it with the tight, horrible feeling most do! I'm not sure I'd re-purchase in full size because I don't totally understand the benefits of a toner but - I'll use the rest up and see if I'm swayed!
Top Row - Toning Lotion, Facial Wash
Facial Emulsion, Facial Polish
Overall I've been really impressed with the samples I've tried. If you've been tempted by the Benefit Skin Care range then I'd definitely recommend the 6 Piece Set to see what you like before investing in the full size!

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  1. I've always eyed this up on ASOS but never bit the bullet, I'm really tempted to now!

    Sarah xx

    1. Get it!! :) Their skincare products are lovely! x

  2. I got samples from the Benefit counter and just bought the foamingly cleanser, the toner and the eye cream, love them! Wish I knew about the mini samples though

  3. I really want to try this stuff! I'm pretty lazy with skincare though haha!


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