Saturday, 12 May 2012

Current Favourites

Soap & Glory's Lid Stuff Palette in 'What's Nude' - Full Review Here. This is a great palette for daily use. It has a pale beige, deep brown, pink toned brown and a bronze, shimmery shade. It's versatile, pigmented, compact and only £10. Bargain.

Estee Lauder Double Wear - No matter how many times I'm lured away from this foundation by the promise of newly released products claims of making my skin look radiant, beautiful, flawless even, I always return. Without a doubt, this is my reliable favourite. If you have oily skin, like myself - this will be your saviour. I love the coverage, the finish, the longevity - not the scent, but that can be over looked.

Bourjois Highlighting Powder - An old favourite, I find some highlighters too shimmery and noticeable for every day but this is very subtle and pretty. It adds a gorgeous pearlescent sheen to the skin, re-purchased twice. Say's it all!

Mac 'Harmony' Blush - Recently added to my collection, this is a matte contour shade that sculpts the face, whilst adding warmth to your complexion.

Illamasqua 'Katie' Blusher - My favourite blusher, I use this almost every day. In the pan it looks too delicate and pale to use on any one with a tan but it add's the prettiest flush to your cheeks. Once swatched, you wont be able to resist buying.

Collection 2000 Extreme Liner in 'Black' - Although I've only brought this recently I absolutely love it. Unlike the Maybelline version I previously tried this doesn't need vigorously shaking to get product on to the tip. It's probably the easiest liner to use so ideal if your a beginner, it's an intense black and stays put all day. Not bad for £2.99!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Full Review Here. This works amazingly under the eyes, or on anything you need to cover up. It has a medium - full coverage, stays put and doesn't settle into fine lines.

Sleek Pout Paint 'Cloud 9' - This looks scary in the tube, but a small amount of this mixed in to darker lipsticks means you can customise and create your perfect shade! I've always been on the search for a milky pink and pale peach colour, and with this it's possible for me to create my own.

Avon Spectra Lash Mascara - This has the same idea as the Rimmel and Bourjois mascara where you have a dial (1-2-3) to decide the intensity of your lashes. I didn't get on very well with the Bourjois version, but this I LOVED. This seperates lashes, adds volume and lengthens and even when you dial up to 3, it still doesn't clump on me.

Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara - Completely different brush to the Bourjois mascara, this has a tapered wand, making it easy to apply product to the small corner lashes. This does everything that the Avon Spectra Lash does, you can build up the intensity easily, it doesn't make lashes crispy but once you've had it for a while you do start to get a bit of fall out.

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  1. Totally agree about Double Wear and Katie - both everyday staples for me!

  2. I've been looking literally EVERYWHERE for the Bourjois Highlighting Powder, but I can't find it anywherew:( I hope it's not discontinued as I really want to try it! Great post :) xx

    1. It is discontinued I'm afraid you can get it on eBay or amazon though! :) x

  3. Could you post a photo with Avon mascara on your eyes? :) I would really like to see it!

    Greetings from Estonia,

  4. I love it all. The colors are so pretty.

  5. Just bought mac harmony, it's amazing ! xx

  6. Great post!
    I've been dying to get Illamasqua Katie and the shade Lover as well.
    And I think I might try out MAC Harmony. I've been using MAC Blunt to contour for the past couple months and I've noticed it's starting to look a tad muddy.


  7. i think i just bought illamasqua katie blush...i love it!!

  8. I'm also obsessed with Double Wear, the 'What's Nude' palette and Collection 2000 concealer. Great picks! x

  9. So agree about Double Wear, actually I'm pretty much sucker for anything connected with EL!:Dlol
    p.s. Pretty blog!;) Happy Saturday!! xoxo

  10. Katie is one of the Illamasqua blushes that I haven't picked up yet (I have an obsession with Illa powder blushes!!) and I'm not sure why.. It is now officially at the top of my "To Get" list =)
    Great favs!

  11. I just recently bought Bourjois Volumizer and I'm really disapointed with it too, especially after all the hype about it. It doesn't hold the curl in my lashes and clumps them all together! :( Definitly will have to try Avon's Spectralash!


  12. ooh these all look lovely! I love my S&G quad :) x

  13. I've been looking for the Bourjois highlighter everywhere! Where did you get yours!? Great blog by the way, I am following now!
    - Keyta x


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