Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Treatment Wishlist

I'm pretty sure the majority of women have things about their body they'd like to change.
If not to improve their improve, then to speed up their daily routine, or improve their confidence.
Now, I'm not talking Plastic Surgery - that's a topic for another day. I mean Salons, Dentists or Skin Clinic treatments you can book and have done that don't involve any major pain or lengthy recoveries. So what would I have done if I could?

Laser Hair Removal - When I was younger and started shaving I didn't quite understand the full maintanence that this would entail for years to come. Obviously the frequency depends on how quickly your hairs grow back and for me that seems to be 2 days after shaving. I'm sure some women like the au natural, low maintenance look but for me, hair free is the only way. I dread to think of the amount of time I spend shaving my legs, armpits and 'delicate area' in a year so I'm definitely considering Laser Hair Removal. Smooth, hair free skin? Yes please! Sk:n Clinics offer safe laser hair removal treatments, prices depend on the area you want treatment but they have 30% off through May.

Thread Vein Removal - As unglamorous as this is to admit, I have a fair amount of thread veins on my legs which have appeared more so since starting my full time job two years ago. I'm on my feet constantly which I don't think helps, but I've had them since I was a teenager! They're mainly around my ankles and on my thighs and although most are unnoticable, they irritate me and if I can have a little injection or laser treatment to get rid, I will at some point! I also found this treatment on the Sk:n Clinics website.

 Teeth Whitening - I've had my teeth whitened before but just in a local Salon so the difference afterwards wasn't as dramatic as it could of been. I always notice and admire people with brighter teeth and they look clean and expensive, making your teeth instantly nicer! Local dentists nowadays offer teeth whitening, although it's normally a few hundred pounds, if you have cash to spare - why not?!

Invisalign - Although I did have braces in school, I feel like my dentist at the time didn't really care about the outcome of my teeth and I was left with an overbite, clicking jaw and as soon as my braces were removed my lower teeth went back to their original state. Invisible braces seem ideal as they're not as noticable and I'm definitely not ready to go back to a full metal set. The treatment is a gradual process but can be costly.

HydraFacial - These facials claim to remove dead skin cells and impurities, as well as deeply hydrate the skin to plump out any fine lines. That sounds good to me! Anything that claims to improve the skins appearance and gives you a chance to relax I'd be happy to try. I've only ever had 1 facial - which is madness, I need to let myself be pampered more often.

So here's my Treatment Wishlist, minor improvements that would ultimately improve my confidence!
What's on yours? Have you ever tried any of the companies or treatments mentioned?

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  1. Yup! Totally agree! Each their own! Love this kinda posts...have a long list myself! Some major, some minor...hope you can makes yours happen soon or at least step by step!

  2. fabulous sharing its bit difficult but not impossible :)
    Regards Laser Hair Removal Dubai


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