Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sleek Lipstick Palettes - Ballet, Showgirl and Tease.

Having spotted the newly released Sleek Lipstick Palettes on popular beauty blogs, I knew I had to pick a few up and see for myself whether they would become a staple handbag product or just an idea that seems good in theory, but fails when it comes to practicality.
On the Sleek website there are six palettes, all varying in themes and colours but my local Superdrug only had four available. I decided upon 'Ballet' - a sensual nude palette, 'Showgirl' - a vibrant selection of pinks and 'Tease' with seductive reds.
These lipstick quads consist of four shades, obviously, with three finishes - matte, gloss and satin. Each palette contains a well sized mirror and a minature lip brush so, in theory, ideal for application when you're out and about. The packaging is as you'd imagine, compact, sleek and sturdy - there would be nothing worse than these coming open in your bag. Each palette has colour co-ordinated shades to go with the theme of the palette, which also reflects in the outer packaging.
 I do plan on swatching all three palettes in a future blog post, with the shade name alongside (printed on the back of each palette) - if you're desperate for swatches there's a few photos floating around on other blogs, just have a little search on google images. 
Although I've not given these a full trial, my initital thoughts are of disappointment. The glossy shades in each palette are very soft and slip around on the lips and the palette itself ends up a mess after a few applications especially if you don't wash the lip brush provided before using another colour. The brush works averagely, but application is slightly awkward and you'd be better off using your finger or investing in a quality lip brush. I found the matte shades more difficult to pick up product from, although all four colours are well pigmented. I like the idea and I'll no doubt find use for these when travelling, or for day to night transformations perhaps but I wouldn't rush out to re-purchase.
The Sleek Lipstick Palettes are available on the Sleek website or in Superdrug, priced at £8.99.


13 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. They look so pretty but it's a shame they don't work as well x

  2. Great palette. Sleek is very ... um ... sleek indeed.

    Thanks for sharing. I really like that it offers three different finishes.

  3. It's a shame they don't work as well as they look.


  4. Such a shame they aren't as good as they look. The colours look so pretty x

  5. Oh no what a shame :((( I really wanted the Ballet palette but they're quite expensive considering they're not very effective :( xx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  6. i'm with you, these don't seem to be very user friendly =/ more effort than there worth! the colors are super pretty though xoxo

  7. Aww most of the reviews for these are not too positive. I was hopping to get one x

  8. These palettes look incredible, too bad the quality isn't there :( xx

  9. Such a shame they're not living up to expectations, for that price I'd definitely expect it to be half way decent xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool

  10. ahh it's a pity you don't love these as they look so pretty! xxx

  11. The Ballet palette looks gorgeous, too bad they are not up to scratch x


  12. finally an honest review on these, i picked up the lip 4 palette in Siren. Wasnt too impressed and if they get too warm they feather on the lips massively!

    I've just started up my blog again so would appreciate it if you gave it a look



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