Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Clarins Splendours Limited Edition Summer 2013 Eyeshadow Palette

*Clarins Splendours Eyeshadow Palette, £31.
Usually the sound of the postman knocking on my front door is a noise I dread as it means waking up early on my day off to answer the door, usually to a package addressed to my parents. However a few days ago when the postman hammered on the door I skipped downstairs to greet him as I was expecting a beaut of a parcel. Inside said parcel was the recently released Clarins Splendours Eyeshadow Palette which is b-e-autiful.
 The packaging alone is enough to stop you in your tracks for a second glance as the reflective outer casing reveals a beautifully detailed Aztec print when it catches the light. Inside you'll find four eyeshadows, all pigmented and creamy, as well as a cream eyeliner and two minature brushes for on the go application. Embossed in to the product itself is an Aztec design, which makes this palette even more lovely to look at and slightly difficult to bring yourself to use at first.
All four shadows contain shimmer, not of the chunky, glitter variety but finely milled, pretty shimmer and the shades compliment each other well. There's a pale champagne, a burnt orange gold, a lavender pink and a deep, rich brown. The eyeliner, although it appears to be a classic black has a slight purple undertone.
This collection was inspired by the ancient ruins of South America, a region driven by colour and print. The offerings of their Summer 2013 collection include products that will deliver glowing, bronzed skin with easy application lip products. Already on my list of products to go and look at is the Bronzing Compact and the Shimmering Body Oil.
Priced at £31 this palette is on the more expensive end of the spectrum but every detail has been thought through and I can't fault this product at all. Limited Edition for Summer, this makes for a luxurious treat to add a bit of glamour to your make up bag.

10 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. This looks, so so pretty!

    Molly x

  2. Wow! that looks gorgeous :)

    Jo xx

  3. This looks beautiful! Love the shades that they have included and it's great that they are not super shimmery.

  4. this is so beautiful! Clarins always make their palettes look amazing! and the shades are so wearable and pretty :)

  5. Ahh this looks beautiful. I've tried little from clarins. but their latest releases havebeen to die for.



  6. These are such beautiful products, really need to try some Clarins:) x


  7. I think it's a stunning palette but a bit too shimmery for me x

  8. Got to love abit of clarins, never really ventured into their eyeshadows but may have to have a quick swatch the next time im there!
    Love the packaging of this palette, especially as i love anything aztec.




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