Sunday, 30 June 2013

What's In My Bag: Night Out

There is no doubt that I'm a curious person, I love Instagram for its insight in to peoples lives, I love what's in my bag posts, favourites videos, and just generally knowing what other people are up to, or what they're currently using. Having never done a 'What's in my bag' type post before I thought I'd just share with you what I tend to take with me on a night out. I was supposed to be heading out last night but instead ended up having a chill night in, stuffing my face with Drumstick Squishies (new love) and watching The Valleys. I know, I shouldn't love it but I do. Not to put my freshly packed bag to waste, these are the products I'd planned to take out with me for touch ups.
Obviously it's without saying that your phone, keys and purse are essentials - I like having all these items tucked securely in my bag as I'd be distraught if I lost my purse or phone and know lots of people that do this reguarly. My purse is from River Island, as you can see I'm loving studs lately.
I don't like to carry too many cosmetics with me, purely because I don't want to lose or break them and if they're there I have the urge to apply more to my face the more I drink. Never ends well. In my bag you'll always find a lipstick, or two in this case. I usually opt for a red lip on a night out and my two favourites are Mac Russian Red and Diva. Mixed together they make the perfect colour. I also always carry a powder compact with me for touch ups as I hate to be shiny. I'm currently loving the Mac Studio Fix Powder and I'll usually have a pack of Kleenex Blot Papers with me also. If I've had time to do my make up carefully and properly prep and powder I wont take any other products, if I'm in a rush I tend to pop a concealer in my bag to fix any flawed areas.
As for the hair, being from Essex means it's almost obligitory to attempt to make your hair as huge as possible for nights out. For quick fixes I always carry a comb with me for a little backcoming and then something like the Batiste Plumping Powder for a bit of added volume.
Finally, to finish off the contents of my bag I like to take a spray or perfume along, nothing expensive or oversized. I like the Body Shop EDT's, they're small, smell deliciously fruity and fit nicely in your handbag and then I couldn't be without my compact Model Mirror. This has small LED lights in so you can check yourself out in low lighting.
That rounds up the contents of my bag. What do you normally carry with you on a night out?

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  1. I adore these sorts of posts, I really like seeing the behind-the-scenes of bloggers. Your photography is also really, really lovely!

  2. I never carry too much make-up either - haha for the same reason that i don't trust myself to apply it when having drunk a few! ;) x

  3. I own the Satsuma Body Spray so it's not quite as strong but I should check out the Eau de Toilette. I love fruity scents. :)

    Celina | The Celution

  4. I love your bag, I'm into studs lately too! :) And I agree, I never carry much makeup with me when I go out, normally just a lip gloss or lip balm and maybe a powder, if I'm worried I'll get shiny!

    xoxo aly

  5. That bag is so cute! I seem to always have a ton of lipsticks floating around in my bag, wish I could pair it down to just two!

  6. wow, love all of your picks very similiar to mine! Quite funny also being from Essex about everyone having to have volumised hair , so true!

    I've just started up my blog again so would appreciate it if you gave it a look


  7. I've been eyeing up the Mac Studio Fix powder for ages! I may have to give it a go soon. Good idea with the blot papers!

  8. I LOVE the body shop's perfumes! I have the coconut one in my bag and spray it constantly, I've almost run out. They have the most simple, beautiful scents :). X

  9. Love the body shop perfumes they smell lush :) xo

  10. love love your purse and wallet!!1 <3


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