Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A normal cupcake wont do, I want a GIANT cupcake.

Whilst perusing the shelves of TKMaxx recently in search of a bargain, my eye was caught by a giant cupcake tin. I've wanted to pick one up for a while now as everyone loves cupcakes, so who wouldn't love a GIANT cupcake?! I can't recall the exact price but I think it cost me around £10 and today was its first test trial and it went incredibly successfully! Even though it may look a difficult project for baking novices, it's actually pretty easy and quick to make and you can decorate it however you please!
I made this on my day off so I decided to speed up the process by purchasing a few quick fix products like the Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix, which just needs eggs, oil and water and the Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Icing. Having used the Betty Crocker products before I knew the cake mix would produce a light, fluffy sponge that remains moist even after being in the fridge for a few days and the icing has a perfect consistency for spreading. I used the Dr.Oetker Cake Release Spray, poured in the cake mix 3/4 full - you want to start by just putting the mix in the base and cooking for 10 minutes before adding the remainder of the mix to the top and placing back in the oven. 
Once out the oven and cooled I neatened up the sponge by trimming off any excess that came above the mould and left to cool. I cut the base in half and filled it with the Fudge Icing and a layer of whipped cream then put it back together, iced the outside and stuck on chocolate fingers, securing it all in place with a lace ribbon. A little more icing on top of the base section was needed to stick the base and top together and then we piped whipped cream in a swirl and scattered Malteasers and Cadbury Snow Balls. 
So if you're ever in need of a quick fix Birthday cake or just want to treat friends or family try your hand at a Giant Cupcake, make your mix and icing from scratch or use packet mixes - shh, no one will know any difference! And then you just need to decide on your flavours - red velvet, lemon, chocolate, vanilla? the decorations and enjoy demolishing your cake after!
Here's a link to a similar Giant Cupcake tin if you're on the lookout! 

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