About Me // Disclaimer

My name is Lisa! 
 I worked as a full time chef for four years, studied professional cookery for three years and learn something new every day about cooking! My passion is patisserie, the dessert section and the main advantage is taste testing everything. I'm a huge admirer of creative, kind and funny people with soft souls, baked goods, beauty products -d'uh, the internet and all it has to offer, Instagram and movies, if Netflix had a loyalty scheme I'd be up there, I love eating out and cocktails, socialising with friends, music festivals, nature, the ocean and seeing the beauty in everyday things.

I love interacting with new people, especially readers of my blog so if you fancy sending me an email with any questions, or just to say Hi you can find that below:



All reviews or feedback on products featured on my blog are based on my own, honest opinions in relation to my personal experience. Keep in mind that everyone has different skin types, skin colouring, etc so what works for me, may not work for you. 

I currently have Google AdSense live on my blog which displays three ads around my website, I have no affliation with the brands advertised. I do however, make a small amount of money if you decide to press on these ads. I have yet to actually make money off these yet though as Google AdSense has a £60 minimum withdrawal. I've only accepted a sponsored post once that was inkeeping with the theme of my blog. This was made apparent and labelled with an * to make readers aware.
I do from time to time get sent PR samples, which is an added bonus of blogging but not the reason I've continued throughout the years. I only feature the products I think are worth reviewing and always consider whether or not I would purchase them with my own money. All products sent to me from May 2012 onwards will be marked with an '*' so readers can be made aware of this. I usually tend to mention in the post as well if a product has been gifted to me to try and be as open and honest as I can.
I fully understand as a Blogger you can become influential when it comes to what people purchase, therefore I would never mislead readers. Blogging for me, is a hobby and something I thoroughly enjoy as a sideline. I have a full time job which pays for the majority, almost all of the products featured on my blog. This way I can share with you all what I truly love and what I think is worth the money.
I refuse to post press releases and I have no affiliate networking links.

My blog layout was created specifically for me by Abby. I paid for the blog design with my own money. I own everything on my blog, all posts are written and edited by myself along with the photos to go along with them.

I currently use a Canon 600D and a Canon EOS M, alongside my Iphone 5S, sometimes with a Sigma 50mm lens, previously I used a Nikon D60. All purchased with my own hard earned money. All images on my blog are taken and edited by me and are therefore my property and should not be used by others without permission. Please be aware taking other peoples pictures and content is copyright theft.
Nothing I write is ever with the intent to offend, for any reason, people who view my blog. Everything written, linked, etc, were all correct at the time they were posted.