Saturday, 11 June 2011

Betty Hula

I was recently sent two samples of the Betty Hula Shea Butter Moisturising Cream in Champagne & Spice and Rum & Blackcurrant. If you haven't heard of Betty Hula before they're quite a small company that specialize in making handmade, natural products. The production of these products include no chemicals and all the ingredients are taken from renewable sources, all carefully chosen because they have a benefit to your skin.
The main ingredients used in their moisturisers include Grade A Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. Although targeted at any skin type, these would be ideal for those with dry or sensitive skin.
Shea Butter is known to help heal burns, sores, scars, dandruff, stretch marks and dermatitis. Aloe Vera is used to repair damaged skin and promote healing as well as act as an anti-inflammatory. Cocoa Butter is used for it's moisturising properties and to help keep skin soft and supple.

The creams are thick in consistency but on contact with your skin they melt like butter and rub in incredibly easily. I found that they absorbed quickly but felt like they left a creamy (non-greasy) layer on the skin leaving it feeling soft and nourished. The things I liked most about these was how rich they are, without a doubt they'd be ideal for anyone needing a boost of moisture and the smells are very unique and linger on the skin longer than most moisturisers I've tried.

'Champagne and Spice' is a very subtle scent with a light hint of spice.
'Rum and Blackcurrant' was by far my favourite. It has a very refreshing fruity scent and you can definitely pick out the light undertones of blackcurrant.
The third scent available on the website is 'Kiwi and Lime' and the other product they have on sale is their 'The Secret' Anti-Ageing Oil.
Another thing to mention is the packaging, I can't show you as I received tester tubs but if you have a look on their website the moisturising creams come in a gorgeous jar, very unique.

Overall I really enjoyed using up the testers I received, the refreshingly different scents set them apart from most others I have tried. The only downside is the price tag, at £14.99 for 120ml they're definitely not the cheapest moisturisers I've come across, although you do receive free shipping. Another thing to take into account is the companies ethics, carefully sourced ingredients, packaging and the fact they're handmade all contribute to the price. In my opinion I'd pick these up if I was looking to splurge and treat myself or as a gift these would be ideal.
Have you tried Betty Hula?

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