Friday, 10 June 2011


For some reason any time I've passed by the MUA stand in Superdrug I'll have a quick glance at the products on the shelf but never bother to swatch any or have a proper look. The other day I spotted a few MUA bits on another blog and decided to finally pick up a few products for myself, after all at just £1 each you can't really go wrong.
I ended up with two lipsticks, shade 13 and shade 1 and a matte eyeshadow in a pale beige shade. The eyeshadow I'm not going to bother showing as I found it had terrible pigmentation and was really powdery, the lipsticks on the other hand - amazing!

Top - Shade 13, a gorgeous, vibrant red.
Bottom - Shade 1, a deep, cherry red.

To start, the pigmentation is incredible! The lipsticks glide on with ease, leaving you with a slightly glossy finish. I found them both to be moisturising and lasted well, although they do transfer quite a bit as you'd expect with a vibrant colour. As well as getting a decent amount of product, the base of the lipsticks pop off to reveal an extra pot of lippy if you're running low. The only negative thing I have to say about these is that I hate the packaging, they look quite tacky and very minimalist but what do you expect for a pound!


Have you tried anything from the MUA range?

13 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. The lipsticks are brilliant!
    I have shade 7- a shimmery corally colour and it's beautiful!
    Red really suits you xx

  2. @Lauren - I'll have a look for shade 7 next time I go into Superdrug then! :) Thanks xx

  3. I've tried one of the loose eye dusts which is really good and rather pigmented.
    These lipsticks look lovely. Did you apply straight from the bullet and also did you use a liner?

  4. @ScienceGeek - I'll have to pick up some of their eye dusts soon then! I just applied it straight from the lipstick, no lip liner as I don't own a red one :) xx

  5. you have the most perfect lips... in the least possible stalker/freakish way! haha xoxo

  6. I have quite a few of ther eyeshadows and lipsticks and cant believe they only cost £1.The Quality is amazing for the price! Its shame i cant see your photos though :(! x

  7. I love the color on you, it's very sexy vixen/temptress haha.

  8. Looks lovely on you! I've never really looked at the MUA range but I will definitely have to now :)
    - beth x

  9. You have amazing lips! I'm slighty jealous :-)

  10. i love shade 13. if you get any more eyshadows i'd say just get the pearl ones because they are so much more pigmented

  11. A red lip really suits you :)
    You have such nice eyes by the way !

  12. Beautiful look!
    I have 13 and 4 lipstick, and 1 and 2 pressed powder- it's great stuff concidering it's only £1!

    I'm now following you :) I'd really apreciate it if you'd check out my blog, I'm new to this!



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