Monday, 27 December 2010

Accessorize 'With Love' Gift Set

One of the gifts I recieved over Christmas was the Accessorize 'With Love' Gift Set from my little brother. These retail for £9.99 but you can currently pick them up in the sale for £4.99 if you wish, each set includes a sleek-like eyeshadow palette, eyelashes and a lipgloss.

The lipgloss I personally wouldn't of chosen it's a dark pink with tons of glitter and shimmer, feels sticky and just isn't to my taste! I prefer my subtle, simplistic nudes or full on red lips and never usually go for anything in between.

The lashes, once again I wouldn't of chosen they're pretty dramatic, the glue is quite watery and the band is quite stiff which makes it difficult to attach to your eyelid as they just stay in a straight line instead of bending.

Then we have the eyeshadow palette.

Finally, something that put a smile on my face. It has a variety of colours ranging from off white, grey, purple to blue, they're all really pigmented, shimmery and perfect for nights out.

The eyeshadow palette is definately the savour of the kit, they colour are easy to work with and merge together really nicely making it easy for blending failures like myself!
The 'With Love' gift box is worth a go now it's only £4.99, otherwise a sleek palette will only cost you a fiver aswell and deliver the same results.

4 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. Eyeshadow looks awesome! xD Am drooling over the dark purple x.x

  2. the palette looks really good!

  3. LOVE those shadows the two on the bottom row furthest right are gorgeous!!

  4. Wish it just sold the pallet... the rest is useles :(


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