Thursday, 23 December 2010

St. Moriz goes Dark!

For those of you that have tried out the well known St. Moriz Tanning Mousse you'll be excited to hear that they've just brought out a new St. Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse along with bronzers and a shimmering body souffle lotion.
It's available online from Fragrence Direct for £2.99 like the original, plus postage and packaging.

The label on the new bottle seems to of changed slightly and now offers tips on how to achieve the best tan, but apart from that they're pretty much identical!

First impressions on the dark mousse is the slight colour difference, it's a bit darker - obviously - and seems less runny than the original version. I'm just about to slather it on so expect a full review on this in the next few days along with before and after pictures and my top tips for tanning! :)

4 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. ooooo love st moriz!! i am so getting this to try :D

  2. oooo I can't wait to hear your review on this, may have to put an order into get some myself :)

  3. I can't wait for your tips on tanning! Holiday tans usually last a while on me, but as this country never gets any sun I may be forced to fake tan. The mousse looks pretty good :)

  4. Ooh I didn't know St Moriz had gone dark, I'll have to try this out! :) xx


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