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Fake Tan Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Before you apply your tanning products you need to get rid of the old dead skin and leftover tanner to create a clear, smooth base.
I find that if you shave first, then exfoliate after you're not left with any areas where the tanner has sunk into your pores so that's always my first step.

Next up is the exfoliating, I alternate between using scrubs and exfoliating gloves and sometimes both so here are my recommendations..

(Left) Natural Collection Body Scrub in Vanilla - £3.99 for 200ml. These come in a variety of scents, have lots of tiny little beads in and get the job done really quickly.
(Right) The Body Shop Body Polish - £5 for 75ml. This is a really lovely one because they smell gorgeous, lather up, have tiny little beads in but exfoliate very gently so if you have sensitive skin these this would be perfect.

The Imperial Leather Foam Burst Shower Gels are without a doubt a firm favourite of mine. They come out as a gel and once they make contact with water they lather up like crazy and leave skin feeling silky smooth. You really want something that foams up well otherwise you'll end up using half a bottle of shower gel in one exfoliating session or end up scrubbing your skin red raw!

For stubborn tans that wont budge the best product I've found is Johnson's Baby Oil. A decent splash of this in a warm bath paired with a good 20 minute soak really helps soften up your skin making it easier to remove old self tan.

The next step is to moisturise.

I love, love, love the Body Shop Body Butters. They're thick and creamy and I'm never left with horrible dark bits when I use this, it is a tad expensive though. £5.00 will get you a 50ml pot or£12.50 will get you a 200ml tub.

Slather the moisturiser on elbows, knees, armpits, feet, hands, toes, wrists and any other parts you find to be dry.


Tanning mits will remove any chances of streaking or a patchy tan. These really help to buff the tanner into the skin evenly and overall results are far better.
I always pop on a pair of gloves underneath just to be safe, no orange palms for me!

These are always a hassle for most people, the best way I've found to do the hands is to exfoliate really well, apply copious amounts of moisturiser and once dry, pop a squirt of tanner onto the mit and use that to spread around the hand, blending up the arm ensuring you get in between the fingers. Then pop a bit more moisturiser the mit and use this to blend out and tell tale tan lines on the wrists, knuckles and finger joints.

Maintaining your tan
Moisturising on a daily basis really helps keep your skin soft and help your tan fade more evenly. People have suggested to me in the past using a gradual tanner to maintain the colour but I hate the smell of those so I just use Palmers Cocoa Butter all over, reapply a bit more tan on the third/fourth day and allow to fade naturally. I always use a bit of vaseline around my hairline aswell and on my eyebrows because they tend to pick up colour really easily and the slight ginger tinge resulting from bad self tanning is not attractive!

Feel free to leave your favourite tanning products and tips below to share with others!

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  1. I think I'll use your tips to do my FIRST EVER *gasps* fake tan this weekend! I've been a sunbed lover before now but would like to be healthier :)
    Thanks for the tips!!!

    Katie x

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  2. Thanks for all of the tips. I am too scared to fake tan but if I ever decide to do it I will definitely keep all of these helpful hints in mind.

  3. ive been debating on the whole baby oil in bath thing so will try it now you've said it works! lush bubble bars do it quite good too x

  4. @kt_gray_3 - I've always been too scared to try out sunbeds because I'm so ridiculously fair skinned and have freckles so fake tan has had to o it for me! Aslong as you don't overdo it you can end up with a really lovely tan! xx

    @FunnyFaceBeauty - First time tanning is scary I remember when I first used it, because I'm so pale it was an extreme shock to see myself with colour. Gradual tanner might be the way forward? xx

    @Emma - It works really well I've never tried Lush Bubble Bars before though I'll have to pick one up and test it out! xx

  5. i normally use a self tan that comes off after a couple of washes. Its a tad on the orangey side, but i think thats just because im neeeever tanned (white as a ghost) so it probably looks ratehr stupid!
    Ive used a more browny one before, but it had shimmery-type bits in it and i hated it, i felt stupid even though it looked fine, but i had to let my friends do it for me, cause its not something id want to bodge up! lol. xx

  6. I'm always worried using Baby Oil to remove tan will leave oily residue on my skin meaning my tan won't take properly.. I always try to use oil free shower gels to make sure my skin is free of anything which could create a barrier!

    Great tips though :) x

  7. @Laura - Yeah I thought the same as I'd always steered clear of products containing oils, however a stubborn tan left me using baby oil and suprisingly it works well and didn't alter the way the fake tan worked on my skin :) xx

  8. Hello Dear!
    Thanks to nature I have really pale skin. Basically I love my skincolour but sometimes I feel that my body would look more structured and healthier with a glowy "sunkissed" skin. I used Garnier body lotion with fake tan effect ( I don't know how to say it correctly), but the texcture of the cream was to heavy and oily for my body and stupid spots appeared on my cleavage and after shower my towel always turned to be orangy-browny.
    I just missing summertime when we can be sunkissed with no efforts, like this.
    sorry for the long post and keep up the good work.

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