Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Eylure Individual Lashes

Price: £4.20
Available from: Superdrug, Boots, Supermarkets.

I've been wanting to try individual lashes for quite some time now but only just got round to picking them up. I find strip lashes incredibly hard to apply and they end up looking extremely obvious or ping off so I just wanted a bit more volume and length but an overall natural look. The pack comes with small clusters of lashes in varying sizes to give your desired effect, a little bottle of glue and adhesive remover. After reading the claim of 'Longer, fuller lashes for up to 4 weeks' on the front of the box I was excited to try them out, so here's how I got on..


There's nothing really wrong with my eyelashes they don't have gaps in or anything but they are quite short so my main target was to achieve slightly longer, fluttery lashes that looked like my own!

Application: It took me around half an hour, if not longer to apply the lashes to both eyes. The glue dries out incredibly quickly so I suggest putting a small blob on some tintoil and add to it when you need more. All you have to do is pick up the lashes with tweezers, pop it in the glue - wait 5-10 seconds then pop it on where you want it! I used mainly the short and medium to create a slightly more glamourous shape but had to wait for each cluster of lashes to dry before I applied the next otherwise I found they got a bit jumbled up.


Mine only lasted 5 days before they started falling out when I gently rubbed my eye or washed my face. I don't think these could last 4 weeks, maybe a week and a half/two tops if you were incredibly careful.

Overall I don't think I'd re-purchase, they're a bit too fiddly and time consuming - especially since they only last a few days. However if you have an upcoming special event and want a bit more volume and length without using strip lashes then definately give them a go!

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  1. I find false lashes so hard to apply, and they just fall off! Waste of time for me.. I just stick to the good old mascara! :) xxx
    Great post though ! xxx

  2. Wow, I don't think Ive seen false lashes that are supposed to last that long. I always thought they were a one day thing. Applying lashes is soo hard and frustrating. I prefer the half ones because they are easier to apply. Might try the individual ones soon.

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  3. They look so natural when on. I have bought the short ones in the past but I didn't have the patience to apply them!


  4. i agree with katie they look natural on u!

  5. OMG I love, love, love your blog! Hope you can check out mine sometime :)...


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