Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tara Smith Feed The Root Shampoo and Conditioner

I was recently sent some Tara Smith hair products to test out and give my verdict on so after a good few weeks of use, here's a little background and my thoughts!

Tara Smith products are all made with natural and organic products, they're all made in England, Vegan approved, BUAV approved, easily recyclable and contain no parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, artifical colourings and synthetic fragrance.

Feed The Root Shampoo
'To nourish and moisturise dry hair and scalp with avacado oil'
I wasn't a massive fan of the shampoo, the scent is the first thing you'll notice about this product, it's has a bit of a fresh herb smell mixed with peppermint - or at least that's what I thought! The consistency is quite thin and it took me a little while to get used to not pouring copious amounts into my hands to get it to lather up. As most people might not know, usually if your shampoo foams up well it has detergants in which aren't great to be putting on your head so these are much kinder to your hair. I did feel like it left my locks squeaky clean but knotted up my hair like no-ones business!

Feed the Root Conditioner
Now the conditioner on the other hand, I loved.
It was thicker, the scent was slightly less potent and as soon as I ran it through my hair I was presented with silky smooth locks. I only needed a small amount of this as I use conditioner purely through the mid and ends of my hair to make it glossy and soft and this certainly did the job!

The last product I was given the oppertunity to test out was the 'Top Coat Glosser' spray to; 'set the style and add the shine'.
As the Glosser has Organic Sweet Orange, I almost expected it to smell of orange when it came out the bottle. I got a slight whiff of orange but it still smelt quite herbal. The packaging isn't the best I've come across, but it's a good size, compact and does the job. This leaves hair incredibly shiny. Even my older brother (who is usually oblivious to the way I look unless there is a hint of overdone blush or brows to poke fun at) noticed and commented on how shiny it was! I've since found my mum attempting to steal it off me for herself!

I think we're almost programmed into thinking washing your hair should be a process involving foaming shampoos, synthetic fruity scents and thick conditioners so maybe it time to change your mindset and try these out.

Tara Smith products are available here!

Shampoos and conditioners are £6.50 for 250ml and the Top Coat Glosser is £8.99.

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  1. these look really nice x

  2. I love the packaging. I always use the same shampoo I should totally try something new. Great review. lovely blog! x

  3. I never think about the chemicals in shampoo being bad for my hair! Interesting post x

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