Thursday, 10 March 2011

Favourite Nail Varnishes

Left to Right:

No.17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Lemon Sherbit
No.17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Mint Choc Chip - Both staples for Summer!
Revlon's Minted - All time favourite nail varnish.
Gosh Holographic - didn't seem to want to show up on the paper! If you want to see what it looks like on the nails have a look here.
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Varnish in Bamboo Shoot - once again, didn't seem to want it's picture taken as it looks grey, in real life it's a lovely nude colour.
Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure - Gorgeous top coat for nails, it gives a mermaids tail effect.
NYC Times Square - Lovely bright red!
FYF Dubai - Deep cherry red, great for winter.
Illamasqua's Spartan - Golden glitter varnish, looks silver in the swatch.

What're your favourites?

6 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. All those colours look so pretty :). I have found 17 polishes to be majorly streaky, but I love the lemon colour.
    My favourite polish has to be Rimmel Lycra Pro - Urban Princess, perfectly pink.

  2. Revlon Minted is also one of my favorite nail polish! I'm currently totally obsessed with Barry M Mushroom though x

  3. I have the first two - the 17 polishes - and although the colours are so pretty they're either too streaky or too blobby and thick for me :(

    I think my favourites for application are Models Own and Nails Inc :) xo

  4. Love minted! I just wish it didn't take 3 coats to get it opaque!


  5. lovely collection you got there honey!
    i'm loving the revlon and illamasqua ones:) xx

  6. Amazing colours! The glitter ones are my favourite :)


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