Friday, 1 April 2011


Previously I've spoken about a blusher in the BeautyUK line, no.6 that is one of my favourite dolly pink blushes. I've re-purchased three times already but whenever I'm rushing through Superdrug I've never had a chance to properly stop and have a look at the BeautyUK stand. I recently got the chance to try out two products from their line, a pearl eyeliner and a lip lust, so here's my thoughts on them..

Pearl Eyeliner - No.8, Eclipse.

The eyeliner has a little felt tip style applicator, just like the Rimmel and Collection 2000 liners. I find these really easy to apply product with as they're very firm and rigid so you get a very definite, straight line. The colour is a gorgeous, dark midnight blue with little tiny shimmer/glitter particles in which makes a nice change to my usual plain, matte black liner. I've used this on a night out with Gunmetal and Creep from my UD Naked palette to create a dark, midnight blue smokey eye. I found it to last really well, it didn't smudge or come off even when I rubbed at my eyes (does anyone else do this, forgetting they're wearing liner?!).

Lip Lust - No.7, Playboy.

I don't usually go for pinks, so although this wouldn't be the colour I'd personally choose it's a pretty Barbie pink shade with subtle shimmer throughout. It comes in a compact squeezy tube with a little sponge tip applicator which I loved as it allows really precise application. I didn't find the gloss to be sticky or be too thick in consistency and it has a nice, light fruity smell which I like in all products.

[Above] Natural Collection 'Apple Blossom' lipstick teamed with PlayBoy Lip Lust transforms it to a lovely subtle, glossy nude.

I previously thought the BeautyUK range was aimed slightly more at younger girls, but having tried a few more products from the line it's a lovely, affordable range of products. I tend to assume that quality comes with the expensive price tag, however that's not always the case! BeautyUK are a family run business that offer a much more personable service if you need to contact them for any reason and their products are available in Superdrug and through the beautyukcosmetics website.

They're also releasing a new collection on the 13th of April so keep your eyes peeled for their new products!

Have you girls tried any BeautyUK products?

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  1. Your lips look great, such a pretty colour!! :)

    I'm having a giveaway if you wanna check it out too! :) xx

  2. Such a gorgeous eyeliner color. That's great that it lasts long too!

  3. Heya, Thanks so much for your comment on my page:D
    You have a very cute blog, I'm following you now, be great if you could follow me back.
    I love the pink lipgloss!!
    Elle xxxxxxxx


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