Friday, 8 April 2011

March Favourites - Part 1


He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash - I've already done a seperate review on this and the Souffle moisturiser, it smells great, works well exfoliating prior to tanning and leaves skin silky smooth!

He-Shi Souffle Moisturiser - I love, love, love this moisturiser. I've had really dry legs lately which is not a good look in Summer, a quick slather of this luxurious cream leaves my skin nourished and soft, plus it smells amazing!

Body Shop Body Butter - I love the Body Butters, I use them on elbows and knees before tanning and even on my face occassionally when it's feeling a bit dry.

St.Moriz Dark Mousse - I have a love/hate relationship with this. It's so easy to apply, smells faintly of baby products instead of false tanner, gives a gorgeous bronzed colour, it's super cheap but it fades incredibly quickly on my skin and ends up pretty patchy by day 5. Until I can find another that gives the same great colour though I'm going to stick with it! Plus if you're up for a quick scrub and reapplication mid-week it's fine!


Batiste - Standard. Great product for days when you need a bit of lift.

Phil Smith Xtravagent Hairspray - This has just the right amount of hold for nights out, keeps hair in place and resists humidity but doesn't make it crispy. I love the smell aswell, it's the only hairspray that doesn't leave me with a headache.

Charles Worthington Hair Healer - This is the first leave in conditioner I've tried and I don't know why I didn't get one sooner! It doesn't weigh down my hair, it just leaves it incredibly soft and more easy to tame!

Tara Smith Top Coat Glosser - This leaves my hair incredibly shiny, a few sprays before I head out and I feel like one of the hair swishing ladies from the Pantene adverts.

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  1. Im really interested in the he-shi products. I need a new exfoliant for tanning so I think Ill give it a shot.

    I find the same with the st.moriz lotion, Ive been told to use a gradual tanner along with it and it apparently wont go as patchy.

    Charles wothington hair healer = god send!


  2. The shea body butter is the best from the range imo!

  3. @lauramorgan - I have some gradual tanning lotion in my draw so I'll have to try that out! Thanks! The He-Shi products are lovely they smell so good. xx

  4. @EllysMakeupbag - I agree! Smells lovely and it's so thick and moisturising. I couldn't resist when I saw the 400ml tubs haha x

  5. I literally JUST put that shea butter on.
    I love it, too!

  6. I used to love St Moriz but for some reason it just does not give me colour any more! I leave it overnight to develop and when I wash it off I'm still super pale :( I've tried putting on 3 coats and it does nothing for me! So weird! xo

  7. 5 days for the tan!!?? Lucky!!! Mine lasts 2 days tops. Its a joke but is stil my fav tan for the smell and colour and price. Just a bit time consuming. xxx

  8. @Georgia - Yeah I could happily keep it on for 5 days, but then by day six and seven it looks patchy and faded, almost like I have a skin disease! x


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