Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Weekend

I introduce to you all my lovely friend of 8 years Lucy, we went out last night and she bravely allowed me to do her make-up and hair so here's how it turned out;

YSL Perfect Touch Foundation in Shade 8 mixed with Maybelline Pure Liquid Minerals in Ivory.
Small amount of Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation in Nude buffed down the nose, chin, cheekbones and jawline for a slightly dewy finish and to blend down the neck.
Illamasqua 'Katie' on the cheeks.
Bourjois Highlighting Powder over the top.
Natural Collection Apple Blossom Lipstick.
Maybelline Gel Liner to create a flick on the outer corner.
Prestige 'My Longest Lashes' Mascara.
Eylure Naturalites Intense cut in half and stuck on the outer corner.

For her hair I sprayed in Phil Smith S.O.S heat defence spray, curled the hair with ghd's away from her face so it looked as though they fell that way naturally. Then I sprayed in a tiny bit of Batiste Brit and had her shake her head upside down to loosen the curls, spritzed Phil Smith Xtreme Hairspray and Voila.

We completely forgot to take a before or after photo with my camera so had to make do with a fuzzy Blackbery picture instead. Shame really because you can't see the colours or detail of her eyes well but you get the general idea!

I'm pretty sure when I left the house I didn't look like a Drag Queen, where did it all go wrong! haha.
I also wanted to include an 'Outfit of the Night' photo but of course, forgot that too. I decided on a white loose vest top, fitted cream bodycon skirt, waistbelt, grey blazer and platform nude heels (which broke towards the end of the night - thanks Dorothy Perkins!). Prior to my shoes breaking I did recieve compliments on them from a gay man and a tranny so they must of been pretty 'reem' ha.

3 beauty obsessed ladies have an opinion...:

  1. You both look lovely, I don't think I'd trust myself doing make up for anyone else. Your eyebrows are amazing by the way.


  2. @Jess - Aww, thank you! I wish I felt the same way, my eyebrows are the bane of my life! lol xx

    @SiSi Sparkles - Thank You :) xx


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