Monday, 25 April 2011

Paula's Choice Products

I was recently sent two products from Paula's Choice to test out and see what I thought. After giving them a good few weeks trial I feel like I've got a good feel for how well they work so here's what I thought..

Skin Balancing Moisture Gel - £19.95 for 60ml
Normal to Oily/Combination
Fragrance and Colorant-Free

Help your skin feel exceptionally smooth with this practically weightless, antioxidant-rich formula. Its elegant water-in-silicone emulsion is infused with a concentration of antioxidants, state-of-the-art water-binding agents, and anti-irritants to protect and gently hydrate skin without a hint of greasiness.'

Although the price tag may seem slightly hefty for a moisturiser, if you have oily skin like myself it's well worth the money. Having never tried a gel before I was slightly apprehensive as to whether it would really provide me with enough moisture to keep my skin hydrated. I needn't worry though as the lightweight formula glides over your skin leaving it feeling silky smooth, moisturised but not the slightest bit greasy. Usually 3 - 4 hours later I'll pop and have a look in the mirror and be greeted by an incredibly shiny t-zone but not when I use this product.
I was incredibly suprised at how quickly it sunk into my skin and helped to keep my skin mattified during the day. My skin's been playing up slightly in the past few weeks and this has really helped to settle it down.
Rating : ★★★★★

Then we have the Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish - £22.30 for 30ml
Normal to Oily/Combination Skin
  • Clinically proven to keep skin perfectly matte for at least 6 hours.
  • Unique MICROSPONGE® Technology keeps oily shine in check.
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • Leaves a silky-soft, powder-like finish.
  • Smoothes minor skin imperfections.
  • Increases makeup’s staying power.

  • I originally thought this was going to be your average silicone-esque primer. Wrong. It's a light lotion and you only need a pea sized amount to cover your whole face as it literally absorbs into your skin the instant you begin to rub. I've popped this under my make-up a good few times now and it does give an almost powder-like feel to the skin and absorbs any oil in sight. For me, it didn't keep me shine free for 6 hours. It did however keep me shine free longer than I would usually be and lessen the amount of oil that would usually appear on my t-zone.

    For anyone that has oily skin I have no doubt that you have realised there is no products that will completely eradicate shine. However, it's more about finding products that help to control the oil and I have no doubt that if you combined an oil-free moisturiser, a product like the above, a mattifying foundation and powder you could achieve a matte face for a good 6 hours.
    Rating : ★★★☆☆

    Has anyone else tried Paula's Choice Products?

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    1. Really would love to try this for when the weathers cooler, when my skin isnt shine o'clock and where something can make a difference :) x


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